[OS X TeX] Scientific Word / Scientific Assistant ?

Thøger Juul Thorsen thoeger at fys.ku.dk
Tue Apr 26 12:56:09 EDT 2005

That, or TeXmacs (www.texmacs.org), which kan be aquired via Fink or 
DarwinPorts. TeXmacs is strictly WYSIWYG, has a great TeX/LaTeX export 
filter, and it's got an extensive set of hotkeys which makes writing 
most common math symbols and greek letters a snap once you've learned it.
It also serves as an interface for programs like Matlab, Octave, Maxima 
and others.

On the downside, it has a very Win-95-ish interface, but it doesn't 
bother me, really. It's not suited for making fancy layout though; but 
for articles, reports and other minor papers it's great; And I think 
I've seen quite a couple of books that could easily have been done in 
TeXmacs, too.


William F. Adams wrote:

> On Apr 26, 2005, at 11:42 AM, Josep M.Font wrote:
>> A colleague of mine, a satisfied user of Scientific Word (on Windows 
>> machines), is going to move to a Mac-based university, and has asked 
>> me for advice about how to run TeX on Mac. He does not want to write 
>> TeX code, he wants something that essentially works like Scientific 
>> Word (not even like WinEdt), with its "what you see is more-or-less 
>> what you want" display ability.
>> (As a matter of fact, he started by writing code on a Mac, but when 
>> he switched to a PC and started using Scientific Word, he says his 
>> productivity has increased a lot, to the point that he does not write 
>> drafts by hand any more, etc. He does not care for exactness between 
>> on screen and final product, but on efficiency in writing and 
>> producing tons of papers...)
> LyX should be exactly what he wants, http://www.lyx.org
> http://wiki.lyx.org/pmwiki.php/LyX/Mac
> Should get you started on the specifics.
> William
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