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Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 28 08:22:34 EDT 2005


Now I see what you mean. BibDesk is a good GUI for manipulating 
bibliographic databases, it is not a command-line tool.
I've added some comments, as this is never going to work.

On 28 apr 2005, at 14:07, Ueliisa wrote:

> This is my engine code
> ******************************
> #!/bin/sh
> bfname=$(dirname "$1")/"`basename "$1" .tex`"

Practically all tex-related tools expect to be run from the same 
directory as the main tex file.
bfname=`basename "$1" .tex`
pushd `dirname "$1"` # this may be superfluous, as TeXShop probably 
does it for you already

> pdflatex "$bfname"
> bibdesk "$bfname"               <<== it looks not working and I did 
> not found a doc yet

bibtex "$bfname" # will actually act on "$bfname".aux, but _must_ be 
called without extension.

> makeindex "$bfname".idx
> makeindex -s "$bfname".ist -t "$bfname".glg -o "$bfname".gls 
> "$bfname".glo
> pdflatex "$bfname"
> pdflatex "$bfname"

You might want to add some checks in between to make sure each step was 
successful before proceeding to the next step.


> On 28.04.2005, at 10:50, Ueliisa wrote:
>> Hi
>> once more I looking for a solution in 2 point for bibdesk:
>> - how I must insert bibdesk to an .engine flie to auto run it 
>> together all the others

See above.

>> - I want more fields to the bibligraphy as it shows by default.
>> 	 URL, Annote, ... Is it possible?

Yes, see the FAQ pointed out to you a few days ago. And please, do some 
basic reading on TeX systems, the "Not so short…" introduction has a 
section on how to actually run the tools from the command-line (IIRC), 
which is a prerequisite for writing engines and shell scripts.

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