[OS X TeX] Bibdesk choose fields and automate

Ueliisa ueliisa at gmx.net
Fri Apr 29 10:16:09 EDT 2005

Thanks for all help!

Now I have a bibliography that shows what I want.
Here my solution:

Collection of Styles for \bibliographystyle{} command
     that I checked and looks usefull for my use:
I choose: IEEEannot (URL & Annote), elsart-num (URL)

some more:	
	% without URL but with Annote: annotation, mlaa
	% with URL & Annote: IEEEannot, spain
	% with URL (Number Reference in the text): elsart-num, dinat, numalg,  
is-plain, plainurl
	% Favoriten mit URL (AuthorReference in the text):  jurabib (needs:  
\usepackage{jurabib} ), jtbnew, elsart-harv, decsci, plainnat-fr,  
apsrev, apsrmp

-->> to find all installed styles search for .bst flies on your system.
	(only files in the tree under a bibtex folder may run with  
\bibliographystyle{} command)
-->> I tested all .bst styles with \usepackage{bibgerm}, I think it is  
not nessesary for the most styles

# my.engine file: (in the users folder: ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines/ )
bfname=`basename "$1" .tex`
pushd `dirname "$1"` # this may be superfluous, as TeXShop probably  
does it for you already
pdflatex "$bfname" # first run pdfLaTeX
bibtex "$bfname"  # for bibliography
makeindex "$bfname".idx   # for index
makeindex -s "$bfname".ist -t "$bfname".glg -o "$bfname".gls  
"$bfname".glo  # for glossary
pdflatex "$bfname"  # run pdfLaTeX
pdflatex "$bfname"  # extra run to set correct reference with new  
pagenummers pdfLaTeX
# -->> only if you have very long document
pdflatex "$bfname"  # extra run to set correct reference for very long  
pdfLaTeX documents

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