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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Aug 24 06:10:45 EDT 2005

Le 24 août 05 à 11:47, Simon Spiegel a écrit :

> Thanks, the Webdings font is already quite close. A related  
> question: What's the easiest way to get a single glyph of a font  
> into a LaTeX document? Of course with XeLaTeX I could easily  
> include the font, but I'm not sure yet if my final output will be  
> XeLaTeX. Now if possible, I want to avoid all the hassle of font  
> converting etc. just to get this one glyph.

Herb Schulz did similar work for including Mac OS symbols (such as  
the Apple key symbol) in TeX documents, so there should be a way. See  
his applekeys package <http://homepage.mac.com/herbs2/.Public/ 

> What I want to do: I write my PhD in film studies. There are  
> screenshots, and I plan to create a CD that comes with the printed  
> text which includes short clip. The film wheel (or projector)  
> symbol is to indicate that a whole clip exist on the CD for the  
> screenshot printed. So I need this glyph in the caption.
> I thought I could avoid setting up another font by creating a small  
> PDF which just includes this one glyph. This is a bit of a hack,  
> and unfortunately, LaTeX doesn't seem happy about \includegraphics  
> inside \caption I get:
> ! Argument of \Hy at tempa has an extra }.
> <inserted text>
>                 \par
> The PDF gets created the way I want, but I have the errors, and  
> scaling the PDF doesn't work at all.

It looks like you're using the hyperref package, and the error  
message relates to a version of \caption modified by this package.  
The hyperref package is very useful, but I've found extremely  
difficult to understand/debug/customize the code of its versions of  
standard LaTeX commands.

That said, the above message might as well be caused by a lack of  
\protect'ion. Have you attempted to insert a \protect before the  
\includegraphics? I remember a time when many LaTeX commands (such as  
\ref) needed to be \protect'ed when put inside a \caption, though  
things have got much better.

Hope this helps,

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