[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk-1.2.0

Paul Vickers paul.vickers at unn.ac.uk
Fri Dec 9 05:43:15 EST 2005

Ok, just upgraded from 1.1.9 to 1.2.0. I clicked the 'reinstall' button 
for TeXShop on the external autocomplete dialogue box, but hitting F5 
now does nothing (other than boot BibDesk if it's not already running). 
Am I missing something????


Adam R. Maxwell wrote:
> The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk 1.2.0 
> is now available for download.  We've added some great new features 
> (smart groups!) and enhanced some older features, as well as fixing a 
> couple of bugs that cropped up in previous version.  Well, maybe more 
> than a couple of bugs.  Many thanks to those of you who have tested our 
> nightly builds and provided feedback and bug reports on the new features!
> If you are interested in helping localize BibDesk, want to help with 
> documentation, or have ideas for new code, please e-mail the developers 
> at <bibdesk-develop at lists.sourceforge.net>.  If you find a bug in 
> BibDesk, please submit a report at 
> <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=61487&atid=497423>.
> Complete release notes follow for those of you with too much time on 
> your hands.
> Changes since 1.1.9
> *** IMPORTANT ***  Mac OS X 10.3.9 or greater is now required in order 
> to use BibDesk.
> New Features
>   *  Groups are now compared case-insensitively
>   *  Status views now use nice gradients
>   *  Arrow keys can be used to switch between group and publication list
>   *  File content search view now fades in and out using NSViewAnimation
>   *  Authors (as groups) are matched using some fuzzy heuristics
>   *  Can now add custom table header images and titles (see online help)
>   *  Converted some windows in preferences to sheets
>   *  Smart groups with editable conditions (saved in @comment field of 
> BibTeX file)
>   *  Added format specifier %p and %P for author-or-editor (used for 
> autofile/citekey generation)
>   *  Multiple selection of groups is now allowed
>   *  Lots of 10.2-specific code was removed
>   *  Attributed (syntax-colored) strings used for format string preferences
>   *  Table columns are now subsorted using the previous sort criteria
>   *  Some Address Book integration added for author view (picures 
> displayed, vCards can be dragged)
>   *  Can now drag files from Local/Remote Url buttons in editor
>   *  Ratings can now be edited using the keyboard
>   *  Dragging file icons from the document now works with multiple 
> selections
>   *  Advanced find panel can now add a field to specified entries
>   *  Advanced find now maintains a history of search/replace strings
>   *  Editing a static group name will now change the group value for all 
> the items in that group
>   *  Author names in the author view are now editable, so you can 
> normalize your author names easily
>   *  AutoFile now treats an empty papers folder as the document's 
> containing folder
>   *  Multiple files can now be dragged from the main publications list 
> to the Finder or another application
>   *  Added menu item to select All Publications group at any time
> Bugs Fixed
>   *  Removed "read" property in AppleScript as it interferes with the 
> standard additions
>   *  Split view sizes are now saved when you double-click the divider to 
> resize
>   *  File content search will now properly maintain the selection when 
> returning to the regular publication list view
>   *  Editor status bar is displayed at the bottom of the window
>   *  Fix bug #1345215, import from pasteboard broken
>   *  Fixed some return values
>   *  Users can now override the "Date" field if they set it explicitly
>   *  Lowercase option for Local-Urls now works again
>   *  Tab key loop is now fixed in document window
>   *  Url field is no longer filled in with Finder metadata on 10.4
>   *  File content search is canceled when changing the search key
>   *  Fix bug # 1346271. Make textcells in main table transparent so the 
> alternating row background shows in Panther and earlier.
>   *  Fixed tab key loop in editor window
>   *  Action menu buttons now show focus ring when they are first responder
>   *  "Clipboard" is now used instead of "Pasteboard"
>   *  Fixed Panther-only crash when reopening a file
>   *  Fixed history for "Open Using Filter" command; a user reported 2.5 
> million entries, which slowed things down considerably
>   *  Fixed bug in searching; only "All Fields" worked correctly
>   *  Combo boxes now use autocompletion
>   *  Field names now disallow strings with uppercase letters in the 
> middle of the string
>   *  Preset cite key format uses unique instead of random letters
>   *  "All Publications" group icon looks better
>   *  SIGPIPE signals are ignored; this caused a crash if you used "Open 
> Using Filter" with a nonexistent command
>   *  If "Open Using Filter" fails, an error message is shown instead of 
> an unsaved, empty document
>   *  More default fields added to combo boxes for search/columns
>   *  Copy/Paste/Duplicate when a group is selected does nothing
>   *  Changed some critical alerts to standard warnings; use a sheet 
> instead of a modal panel to warn of duplicate cite keys
>   *  Ogonek accent \k added to accent conversion list
>   *  Fixed crasher that occurred under certain conditions when searching
>   *  Latest ILCrashReporter used
>   *  Fix bug #1344720 (or at least make it less annoying) by only 
> sending the search string to Preview for "All Fields" or "Keywords" 
> searches, since Title, Author etc. will be obvious
>   *  Rating and Boolean fields are on the same line in the editor when 
> possible
>   *  RIS L1 field is now translated to Local-Url
>   *  Aliases are now resolved in Local-Urls
>   *  Copied items are now provided lazily, so copying should be faster
>   *  Undo past last save warning uses Yes/No instead of OK/Cancel
>   *  Fixed crasher caused by pasteboard retaining the document after its 
> window was closed; subsequent notifications ended up using garbage pointers
>   *  Fix bug # 1362843. Swapped boolean and rating fields when setting 
> them as generic fields
>   *  Viewing PDF files as text in editor should be more reliable; file 
> names are now quoted and escaped before passing them to the shell
>   *  View PDF as text in editor is no longer editable, and the Find 
> panel is enabled
>   *  Change linked crossref fields when a cite key changes
>   *  Fix bug #1365748, typeahead find doesn't scroll to the selected item
>   *  Fix bug #1366389 by renaming the "clear" menu item and adding a 
> separator
>   *  Fix bug #1359373, local-url format preference doesn't stick
>   *  Optional warn-on-delete sheet added
>   *  Fixed preferences keyview loops
>   *  AppleScript scripting definitions rewritten; silences console message
>   *  Fixed webview selection bug in text import sheet
>   *  Allow pasting in text import table view
>   *  Action menus may show up quicker
>   *  Ensure that the background image doesn't get too big when dragging
>   *  A group can now be dropped on a group in another document
>   *  Different background images used for dragging PDF, RTF, and LaTeX
>   *  Release top-level objects in nibs
>   *  Tooltips added to advanced Find/Replace panel
>   *  Added Deselect All item to main menu
>   *  Sort field names in quicksearch menu alphabetically
>   *  Fixed memory leaks in Spotlight importers
>   *  Spotlight importer is now smarter at guessing the text encoding for 
> BibTeX files
>   *  Fixed some Info.plist keys so the Spotlight importer reads BibTeX 
> files properly
>   *  AutoFile open panel runs as a sheet instead of a modal panel
>   *  Respect # separators when autocompleting macros in the editor(s)
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