Off list: Re: [OS X TeX] status of Spotlight indexing of .tex files?

Jan Hegewald rurapente at
Tue Dec 20 10:43:10 EST 2005


Am 20.12.2005 um 13:17 schrieb Josep M. Font:

> I agree (with Stephen). I find this thread amazing, and warns me  
> against upgrading to Tiger (now happy with Panther 10.3.9). Why  
> shouldn't *every* (text?) file in my hard disk be indexed and  
> searched even with a normal "find" operation in the Finder ?

if you consider to upgrade to Tiger just because of Spotlight: don´t  
do it.
Spotlight is very premature at this time and I hope it will be  
improved soon. It does not search every text file, as you already  
mentioned and it omits a lot of folders. If I search for some text  
and Spotlight returns nothing, I always have to wonder if the  
relevant files are simply skipped. So I have to use find from  
Terminal or TextWrangler to be sure. One can not rely on the results  
of a Spotlight search )-;

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