[OS X TeX] pdf font coding problems ???

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 11:40:30 EST 2005

Kuipers kprs wrote:

> On Dec 20, 2005, at 7:27 AM, Themis Matsoukas wrote:
>> ......... Alas, new is not always good...
>> Themis
>> SO VERY TRUE ! jbk
>> On Dec 19, 2005, at 7:07 PM, Claus Gerhardt wrote:
>>> A few years ago I discarded Illustrator for similar reasons and 
>>> decided to create graphics with the help of metapost using mfpic as 
>>> a convenient "frontend". This means of course that pdflatex is the 
>>> underlying tex engine.
>>> In my opinion any mathematician will love the beauty and ease of 
>>> metapost compared with the clumsy features of Illustrator.
>>> And to Claus --- I COULDN'T AGREE MORE about ILLUSTRATOR.
> Almost 10 years ago I worked hard (perhaps not hard enough, some might 
> say, and I might agree) using Textures and Superpaint to do the text 
> and graphics in my effort to write a book. Superpaint was (and still 
> IS!) a great graphics program (for the Mac up to OS 9). I drew every 
> illustration (over 100 illustrations) personally, in (what turned out 
> to be) my Quaternion Book. I now want to do a revision although PUP 
> did a subsequent paperback version which corrected many typos.
> BUT THEN, Adobe bought Superpaint from ALDUS, and promptly put it on 
> their shelf --- presumably to let it die. That was a sad day for me. 
> Adobe chose instead to promote their Illustrator (in my view, a lessor 
> program). WHY did they do that? --- I do not know. Anyway, later I 
> even bought Illustrator thru a few versions. Really, gave it a 
> 'college-try', but, finally GAVE UP.
> Various times at AMS/MAA meetings I challenged Illustrator people to 
> do what I clearly was able to do with Superpaint with a certain amount 
> of alacrity. Yet, In my view, they COULD NOT do an equivalent drawing 
> using Illustrator! Admittedly, a rather personal matter and judgement, 
> and perhaps it was too time consuming for them --- when their primary 
> mission, of course is "trying to sell a graphics program called 
> Illustrator to hapless folk." Sorry, but why did they shelve-it? Why 
> not develop SuperPaint further? Dollars? Legal Matters?
> I sure do wish I could, or someone could resurrect SuperPaint --- even 
> though there are other Mac OSX Graphics Programs out there (e.g. 
> EazyDraw, to mention a great one) that are excellent alternatives that 
> are (again, in my view) truly far more powerful than Illustrator.
> I feel better now "having vented my spleen." Sorry for the RANT --- 
> not really; I did need it.
> With this comment, I really do intend to be constructive and 
> instructive --- to users who want to do Graphics, and also to Adobe. 
> IF YOU MUST ----- Please, send it back to me with your blessing --- 
> and/or admonishment.

I have never had any luck with illustrator and used Canvas for a long, 
long time … until I couldn't take it anymore. Now I am using Intaglio 
and am completely happy with it. Just what I needed and wanted. I don't 
know if it can import Superpaint but, for that, you might want to write 
to Nick Nallick. <nick at PurgatoryDesign.com>. In fact, they are very 
"open to suggestions".

For instance, I needed to be able to save two copies of each drawing, 
one in Intaglio format for editing and another in cropped pdf for 
including in LaTeX. I was eventually able to convince them to let each 
command remember separately the folder where to save. It saved me a huge 
amount of time and frustation. They are now also handling SVG.

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