Off list: Re: [OS X TeX] status of Spotlight indexing of .tex files?

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at
Wed Dec 21 22:16:50 EST 2005

Fernando Pereira wrote:

> On Dec 21, 2005, at 11:19 AM, Alain Schremmer wrote:
>> So, the question, is: Why isn't it? Answer: Just leave it to the  
>> experts.
> This is just an interpretation. The more benign (and, I believe, more  
> likely) interpretation is that it's hard to come up with flexible but  
> understandable configuration interfaces for complex functionality.  

I agree

> Sometimes it makes more sense to see how people use the first version  
> of a feature and the complaints they send about it to determine what  
> options to provide.

I really hope that you are right even though I think this is called 
"quality control by the customer".

Hopeful regards
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