[OS X TeX] [Announcement] New Fourier-GUT

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 1 08:26:07 EST 2005

Fourier-GUT v 1.4 is now aivable.
It will be on ctan soon, and y can find it now here:


NEW in this version :

* The widespace option works again (was broken in 1.3)

* Bold versions of FML encoded fonts (essentially greek and latin letters).
Thanks to Timur Mukhamedjanov who designed a first version that was
already pretty good.
The \boldmath command and the bm package seem to be correctly supported.

* Variants of varpi and partialdiff symbols (closer to the cm design).
The commands are \varvarpi and \varpartialdiff.

* New amssymb-like symbols (\leftleftarrows, \rightrightarrows, \square,
\blacksquare, \curvearrowleft, \curvearrowright, \subsetneqq).

* Ornaments are now provided by the fourier-orns package, which is required
  by fourier, but may be called separately.

* New ornaments symbols. The commands are \decothreeleft
\decothreeright \decofourleft \decofourright, \floweroneleft, 
\lefthand, \righthand, \bomb.

* No more gap between the square root and its overbar. Thanks to Hans Hagen
  and Sebastian Sturm who find that (it was an italic correction problem).

* \rmdefaut redefinition made before calling fontenc (in order to
allow fourier usage even if cork-encoded cm aren't insalled).
Thanks to Robin Fairbanks who pointed that out.

* Capital greek letters are now mathord (instead of mathalpha). Thanks
to Yvon Henel who reported that.

* Metrics improved in math... (I hope!). Thanks to all who reported
metrics features. I do my best to do correction, but it is a long way...

* The \widehat and \widetilde symbols are no longer intercepted by amssymb.
(Thanks to Peter Harmand for his help).

Happy new year, and happy TeXing!

Michel Bovani

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