OS X Emacs builds "database" (was Re: [OS X TeX] AquaTkbibtex)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Jan 6 09:50:54 EST 2005

Le 6 janv. 05, à 11:18, Peter Dyballa a écrit :

> Am 05.01.2005 um 00:00 schrieb Bruno Voisin:
>> And by the way, at the same site you'll find yet another (!) Emacs  
>> build:
>> <http://www.wordtech-software.com/emacs.html>
> I'll create a folder 'GNU Emacs builds' in my Emacs folder in my  
> bookmarks heap (or is it a stack?) ...

After a little time spent to organize what I've seen thus far:

OS X Emacs as part of a wider-range porting infrastructure

- Fink build, for X11 (version 21.3.50, CVS 2004/11/17)


- Fink build, for X11 with Xaw3d (version 21.3.50, CVS 2004/11/17)


- DarwinPorts portfile, either X11 or Carbon (version,  
current CVS): to be built locally


- There used to be a WebDAV server with some DarwinPorts builds,  
including Carbon Emacs, but I can't remember the URL for the life of  

Carbon Emacs

- Andrew Choi's original Carbon build instructions


- Seiji Zenitani's Carbon build (version, CVS 2004/12/07)


- Ovidiu Predescu's Carbon build (version, CVS 2004/09/08)


- Kevin Walzer's Carbon build (version, CVS 2004/08/04)


- Alex Rice's Carbon build (version, CVS 2004/05/29)


- David Caldwell's Carbon build (version 21.3.50, CVS 2002/11/26):  
Jaguar only


Enhanced Carbon Emacs

- Enrico Franconi's Carbon build with TeX enhancements (version  
21.3.50, CVS 2003/11/14)


Cocoa Emacs

- Adrian Robert's Cocoa Emacs distro (version 20.7, released  
2004/11/04): to be built locally


- Christophe de Dinechin's Cocoa Emacs build (version 20.7, released  
2002/08/27): Jaguar only


Carbon XEmacs

- Pitts Jarvis' Carbon XEmacs build (version 21.5.10, released  
2003/03/17): Jaguar only


Emacs goodies

- David Reitter's OS X Emacs customization package


- Massimiliano Gubinelli's alternative OS X Emacs icon


- Mac OS X Emacs list archive


There are certainly omissions and inconsistencies. After all, I'm not  
really an Emacs user myself! The above is rather to provide a starting  
point in case others want to build upon it.

Also, some builds provide a self-contained application package and  
others don't (i.e. they put stuff inside /usr/local or /opt/local),  
some provide a relocatable application and others don't (i.e. they  
require the application to live in /Applications or  
/Applications/DarwinPorts): I did not do any systematic testing.

On a side note, with the help of Juan's instructions I've finally  
managed to build today Carbon Emacs (not self-contained, not  
relocatable) using DarwinPorts with no fuss.


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