[OS X TeX] TrueType-fonts in LaTeX...?

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Jan 10 09:29:48 EST 2005

Am 22.11.2004 um 23:03 schrieb Thøger Juul Thorsen:

> I've read that it should be possible to use truetype-fonts in 
> latex/dvips and pdflatex without having to convert them into other 
> formats. Is this true, and desirable?
> thing is, I just got some awesome fonts that are installed in my 
> FontBook.app, but I'm unexperienced in the whole font business, and my 
> googling gave me just more riddles than answers...
> Is it possible, in some few steps, to make those fonts available for 
> LaTeX/dvips/pdflatex...?
> I'm using teTeX from Fink. Using latex+dvips at most, i'm more 
> familiar with the inclusion of eps graphics, so i'd prefer sticking to 
> that.


I received these lines from Thierry Bouche last week:

Pete> That pdfTeX can (or better: has to) include the whole TT font file
Pete> into its output?

yes. I didn't have time to make any test with latest pdftex, but it used
to have some limitations with TTF and very limited support for OTF.

Pete> (*I* wouldn't bother!)

well, if you use 50 glyphs from one unicode font, this may change widely
the size of the PDF...

Pete> And before you provided ttf2afm with a few encodings that told it 
Pete> dump AFM files for these sequences (sets) of glyphs out of which 
Pete> created ordinary TFM and VF files the usual way?

Yes. If the font has all the needed glyphs, you don't even need to use
VFs, you may only reencode the AFM and make a TFM from that.

Pete> Are there anywhere some details available?

Mmh, I'm not sure. I made quite some time ago a basic pdftex
installation for linotype OTF. I suspect I posted it somewhere, but
don't remember where !

Pete> How does a map entry look like?

like in dvips, but you can have something more simple with pdftex :

tfmname Basefontname <fontfile.ext xx.enc

My own procedure has grown that far that I now produce two PS fonts 
from the TT font. One is still 8r (or TeXBase1Encoding) encoded, the 
other is a difference encoding vector that takes all those glyphs that 
are used in OT1, T1, and TS1 and are not contained in 8r (plus general 
glyphs from expert encodings 8x/8xi). Then fontinst does its usual job, 
creating virtual fonts that take their glyphs from two differently 
encoded PS fonts.



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