[OS X TeX] Bibliography: pedestrian way works too...

Josep M.Font pepf54 at tiscali.es
Fri Jan 14 02:52:35 EST 2005

El 13 ene 2005, a las 23:57, Maarten Sneep escribió:

> On 13 jan 2005, at 23:05, Josep M.Font wrote:
>> Oh, yes, thanks, I had forgotten that I already know it. It certainly 
>> would do what I am asking, and a few other very useful tasks related 
>> to BibTeX, provided I knew how to install it. It's strange that in 
>> the documentation it does not mention that it can be installed in 
>> MacOS X. Since it is a UN*X program it's probably possible, but 
>> unfortunately, its installation process is beyond my computer 
>> literacy level...
>> Any experience with it as a "normal" Mac user ?
> Installing is easy: there is an i-Package for it.
> You'll have to use the terminal, but other than that, it is pretty 
> easy. After installing it, try to run 'bibtool -h' (no quotes). That 
> should give you a summary of what you can do with it. Remember that 
> you can go to a specific folder in the terminal by typing 'cd ', 
> dragging the folder where you'd like to go in the terminal window, and 
> pressing return.
> Once you're in the same directory where your article is, you can use:
> bibtool -i references.bib -x article.aux -o article.bib
> (and after that, article.bib will be created and contain a 
> bibliography with just the referenced articles).

Great! I installed it with the latest version of i-Installer (got a 
message "installation completed successfully") but when invoking 
bibtool I get a "tcsh: bibtool: Command not found." message. Is there 
something I should do before using it ? How can I confirm it is really 
installed ? I re-installed it from the local i-package, wilth the same 

According to the information given by the i-package, it should be 
installed in /usr/local. However, here I only have the directories: 
bin, include, lib, man, share, tetex. The Finder search does not find 
any directory or file containing "bibtool" in its name (other than the 
i-package). Is the installer broken ? Am I doing something wrong ?

Many thanks for your help (I use terminal for normal tasks, but the 
installation instructions of bibtool were really daunting: no mention 
of MacOS X nor i-package there!).


PS Final question: should the "big" data-base reside in the same 
directory as the article, or will bibtool find it in its normal place ?

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