[OS X TeX] TeXShop Question

Chris Goedde cgoedde at condor.depaul.edu
Fri Jan 14 19:09:34 EST 2005

Hi all,

I have a TeXShop question; I don't know if this behavior qualifies as a
bug or not.

I wrote a macro for TeXShop that does the following: given a file that
is open in TeXShop (HW-1.tex, for example), the macro:

(a) changes the name of the file to HW-1-Sol.tex
(b) opens the file in TeXShop
(c) TeXs it
(d) displays the resulting pdf (HW-1-Sol.pdf)
(e) renames the original file (back to HW-1.tex)

I do this because I use some TeX code (based on version.sty) to produce
different output files based on the filename. (This is very useful for
producing homework assignments and the solutions to the assignment from
a single file, for example.)

Everything works great, with the following exception. When I go to
print HW-1-Sol.pdf, TeXShop prints HW-1.pdf, even if the HW-1-Sol.pdf
preview window is active. Somehow, the inner workings of TeXShop are
causing it to pick HW-1.pdf to print, based on having HW-1.tex open,
rather than HW-1-Sol.pdf, which is the file being displayed in the
active window.

I can work around this by opening the pdf in Preview and printing from
there, but it would be very nice to be able to print from TeXShop.

I've sent (cc'd the original, which was rejected by the list because I
sent if from the wrong account) this to Dick Koch as well.

Thanks for any suggestions on what might be going on, and if it's
easily fixable.

Chris Goedde

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