[OS X TeX] OT? advice for a windows-using friend

Joseph C. Slater joseph.slater at wright.edu
Sun Jan 16 20:40:44 EST 2005

On Jan 14, 2005, at 10:38 PM, John A. Johnson wrote:

>> A friend of mine mentioned the other day that he was using Scientific 
>> Word to do his PhD in physics, and that when he was done he would 
>> have to either buy it or use something else; he's using a license 
>> from his university in Ankara.
>> I mentioned LaTeX and the pdfsync work that has been done here and he 
>> was quite interested, until I told him that this was all for OS X. He 
>> asked whether such a thing existed for Windows.
>> ISTR that question coming up here before, and the aswer being 'no.' 
>> Is this the case? In any event, are there places for Windows TeX 
>> users similar to the wonderful OS X TeX site of Joe Slater & Gary 
>> Gray? I'm going to talk to him about OS X, and maybe he'll be 
>> interested, but I do want to be able to help him out even if he 
>> doesn't want to come over to the Mac side. References and URL's would 
>> be much appreciated. TIA

Off the front page of the mac-tex site:
> If you booted up your machine and aren't sure if your using a Mac, 
> don't be embarassed. If Windows converges any more to the mac it will 
> actually boot with Welcome to Macintosh. If you don't permamently have 
> a menu bar attached to the top of your screen, you're either using 
> Windows, Linux, or some variant of Unix. If you are using Windows, 
> here are a few links to get you started. Too bad. TeX on the Mac has 
> become very polished, and provides more selection than you can find on 
> Windows (yes, yes, I use Windows... when I have to). If you are using 
> a variant of Unix (including Linux, but not including MacOS), try 
You have to go there to get the links to work in the test. Mac-TeX also 
has "WinTeX" page because so many mac-users tend to need it.

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