[OS X TeX] Linguists' trees and (pdf)LaTeX

Peter Pagin peter.pagin at philosophy.su.se
Tue Jan 25 15:51:11 EST 2005

Sounds like great news, but I did nog manage to unpack the zip file.

Peter Pagin

Stephen Anderson wrote:

> Many linguists use Emma Pease's tree-dvips package to draw tree 
> structures.  this does its work via PS \special command, and so is 
> incompatible with pdf(la)tex, XeTeX, etc.  Recently I asked on this 
> list if any replacements were available, and the only responses I got 
> either didn't really meet this specialized need or just said "let me 
> know if you find something".
> This morning the following message from Ralf Vogel < 
> rvogel at ling.uni-potsdam.de > appeared on the Linguist mailing list:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> About 4 years ago, I wrote a couple of macros for the drawing of 
>> linguistic
>> tree structures with LaTeX which I made available to the public via my
>> webpage under the name 'xyling'. Only recently, when my old web 
>> account was
>> closed, I came to notice that these macros are used much more frequently
>> than I thought.
>> As I do not know the users of xyling, I want to use this channel to
>> announce that the package is on the web again in a new much more 
>> elaborated
>> version:
>> http://www.ling.uni-potsdam.de/~rvogel/xyling
>> I have extended the macro package in many ways, and I also made  it 
>> easier
>> to handle. If you are using xyling, the new version 1.0 is certainly 
>> worth
>> looking at. The documentation is also completely rewritten.
> A quick look suggests that this was just about exactly what I was 
> looking for - it seems to include most of the capabilities of 
> tree-dvips, and was explicitly designed to replace that package and 
> its dependence on PS.
> Apologies for duplication if Ralf has already posted to this list, or 
> if everyone interested also subscribes to Linguist.

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