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Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Wed Jan 26 12:00:24 EST 2005

>>>>> Denis Chabot <chabotd at globetrotter.net> (DC) wrote:

>DC> Hi,
>DC> Now that I removed the longtable environment from within a table
>DC> environment, things are working reasonably well. Except longtable does not
>DC> seem to be a float, or at least I found nothing in the LaTeX Companion or
>DC> in the longtable documentation to indicate how to force the longtable to
>DC> start at the top of the next page.

Longtable can't float. But you can have it start at the top of the next
page by using the afterpage package. Put your table in a separate file, say
lt1.tex and then use:
at the page before where you want your table to start.

>DC> I have a short (normal) table and the start of a longtable on the same
>DC> page, because of the problem reported above. Both are narrow, taking about
>DC> 2/3 of the width of a page. But the caption of the normal table is as wide
>DC> as the normal text on that page, whereas the caption of the longtable is
>DC> only a bit wider than the width of the longtable. This is quite ugly (is it
>DC> OK to include screen shots in messages to this list? Or LaTeX codes to
>DC> achieve the result is better?). Is there a way to control the width of
>DC> table captions?

Yes, put the tabular+caption in a minipage of the desired with. The
minipage in a table environment. Or use the threeparttable package.
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