[OS X TeX] XeTeX and unicode characters

Peter Pagin peter.pagin at philosophy.su.se
Sun Jan 30 17:56:21 EST 2005

Thanks, Herb,
but that didn't work. I don't write the codes but the characters 
themselves into the input file, which works, as it should, in LaTeX with 
the "\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}" option. It stops working when switched 
to XeLaTeX, and begins working again when switched back to typesetting 
with LaTeX.
I would, of course, like it to work both ways.


>>I now learned about XeTeX, installed it with the i-package and it works!
>>Marvelous! I can use the font families I have on my Mac.
>>There is one thing that doesn't work, however, and I don't understand
>>why. The Swedish characters e.g. å, ä, ö (corresponding to the codes
>>\"a, \aa, and \~o) typed into the input file work fine with LaTeX
>>typesetting in TeXShop with the utf8 encoding. When I switch to XeLaTeX,
>>I get error messages that these characters are not set up for use with
>>LaTeX. Does anyone understand why?
>>I think I have set the preferences according to instructions.
>If you are using the usual LaTeX codes (\"a, etc.) you need should try to
>set fonts using the fontspec package. E.g.,
>\defaultfontfeatures{Mapping=tex-text} % <- this uses the LaTeX commands
>\setromanfont[Numbers=Lining,Scale=1.05]{Hoefler Text}
>\setsansfont[Scale=1.02]{Gill Sans}
>You can get it from Will Robertson's page,
><http://www.mecheng.adelaide.edu.au/~will/tex/>. It is also available at
>ted> along with Ross Moore's necessary utf8accents package.
>Good Luck,
>Herb Schulz
>(herbs at wideopenwest.com)
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