[OS X TeX] BibTeX, BibDesk, EndNote

Holger Frauenrath mail at frauenrath.com
Mon Jan 31 13:20:33 EST 2005

I have a couple of questions concerning BibTeX/Bibdesk:

When I tried to export my Endnote library (actually, a fraction of it 
containing approximately 300 references) to a .bib file, I first ran 
into problems with the encoding when I opened it in Bibdesk. By trial 
and error, I found that changing the default behavior in the 
preferences from "Read as TeX in ASCII encoding" to "Read as Unicode 
TeX using above encoding" and the encoding set to "Mac OS Roman" 
(which, I guess is what is exported by Endnote), Bibdesk would open the 
bib file without any error messages.

Is this the correct way of doing it? Are there any drawbacks in terms 
of BibTeX compatibility? Do I have to do anything with this file (like 
saving it with a different encoding)? When I save a .bib file from 
Bibdesk, is it necessarily syntactically correct?

When I then tried to TeX a document with this .bib, BibTeX failed with 
the following error message:

> This is BibTeX, Version 0.99c (Web2C 7.5.3)
> The top-level auxiliary file: nanostructures.aux
> The style file: wiley.bst
> Database file #1: carbon_nano.bib
> Sorry---you've exceeded BibTeX's buffer size 5000
> Aborted at line 851 of file carbon_nano.bib
> (That was a fatal error)

Is it possible that the file is indeed too large (I do not consider 300 
references a lot)? Is there anything else going wrong?

Any help is appreciated. Actually, if somebody has some experience with 
keeping a BibTeX/Bibdesk and an Endnote library at the same time, I 
would be happy to know what is the best way of doing this because I 
will have to stick to Endnote for a number of reasons (Scifinder, 
Beilstein integration, MS Word addicted coworkers ...).


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