[OS X TeX] LaTeXiT 1.2 beta

Matthew Inglis m.j.inglis at warwick.ac.uk
Sun Jul 3 06:42:55 EDT 2005

I seem to have a problem using LaTeXiT with Mail. When I type  
something into a new mail message window, highlight it and use the  
Services menu, instead of returning the pdf'd equation, it pastes  
whatever I have on my clipboard. This is a bit odd, as it works  
perfectly in TextEdit.

Can others reproduce this, or do I have a local problem?


On 3 Jul 2005, at 11:08am, Pierre Chatelier wrote:

>> LaTeXiT is very cool and it is invaluable with Keynote.
> Thanks,
>> One thing that has plagued me about it and it still seems to be a  
>> problem with the most recent beta is that changes to the Default  
>> Preamble don't take immediate effect. It seems that I have to quit  
>> and restart LaTeXiT for them to take effect. Can this be corrected  
>> for the next release?
> I am surprised, since it should work. When you type in a new  
> default preamble, the preamble of opened documents is not changed,  
> since it could have been tuned by the user. But if you open a new  
> document (Command-N), the new default preamble will be used.
> Here is a crosspost with toolbox-talk, because there are some  
> questions for which I would like to get the opinion of as many  
> meople as possible. But if you think that such cross-post is  
> useless, just tell me, I'll understand.
>> [in the error manager] so if it could be reliably determine what  
>> the offending token is it would be nice to see that as well.
> For now, I would prefer not to. I prefer to be less precise, but  
> ensure that the error-line is ok, rather than trying to deduce the  
> faulty token, with the risk of getting wrong and give a bad  
> indication. However, since LaTeXiT is open source and will be a  
> toolbox project, if anybody has the knowledge to improve that, this  
> will be no problem I think. Do you agree with this opinion ?
>>  - I think I like the use of those things that look like tabs but  
>> are actually buttons. The old school way would be to use radio  
>> buttons, but I'm undecided if these things are actually better  
>> than radio buttons.
> This thing is called a "segmented control"; it was already  
> available with Panther, but with Tiger, it is directly usable from  
> InterfaceBuilder. At the very beginning of LaTeXiT, I was using  
> radio buttons, because I did not know the existence of segmented  
> controls. A friend of mine told me about that, I and find that in  
> this context, it is much more beautiful.
>> - Since we're talking LaTeX, it would be better to write
>>    Display (\[...\])
>>   because $$...$$ is, to be strict, incorrect.
>> I guess this is a debatable problem. I did never use \[...\]  
>> myself, since I find $$ more handy. But I am certainly not a LaTeX  
>> expert. What does the majority of people expect here (this is a  
>> question for the mailing list) ?
>>   But I think users tend to know enough of what's going on to be  
>> able to write   | Display | Inline | Text |
>>   in those buttons and put \[...\] , etc., in a tooltip.
> Here I disagree a little. For people not familiar with LaTeX's  
> vocabulary, the use of the button becomes obvious. Here again, what  
> do people think about that ?
>> - For a future version, it'd be good to add a toolbar for the  
>> LaTexise
> A toolbar ? For what purpose ?
>> (don't suppose we've got enough of an anti-American majority to  
>> get rid of the "z"? Can this be localised?)
> Oh, do you mean that the "z" is a mistake (regardless of the fact  
> that the word does no exist) ? English is not my mother language,  
> so I did not pay great attention to this. It really does not  
> distrub me to put an "s" instead.
>> [...for the LaTexise] button as well as a button for the drawer, etc.
> Do you mean, to open/close the drawers ? Oh, I understand, now :  
> putting this buttons in the toolbar. Mmmh, it seems to me that my  
> toolbar would be very "poor" (only two button), so it would not be  
> very nice.
>>  - I'm not sure if it's necessary to use \usepackage[applemac] 
>> {inputenc}. For a start, I think [utf8] would be better for  
>> forwards compatibility, and second -- since this thing will  
>> *mostly* be used for maths, I think if people *do* want accented  
>> characters then they can add this line to the preamble themselves.
> Haha, you are forgetting french people like me; I do use  
> accentuated characters, even in an equation label ! And [utf8] does  
> not work, since the encoding of the input in the textfield is MacOS  
> Roman.
>>  - European decimal mark :) Can this be localised?
> This should be... I will have a look.
>>  - The cropping seems slightly over-enthusiastic. But not as bad  
>> as TeX itself! For example:
>> \documentclass{article}
>> \begin{document}
>> \parindent=0pt
>> \voffset=-1in
>> \hoffset=-1in
>> \setbox0=\hbox{$1=3$}
>> \dimen0=\ht0
>> \advance\dimen0\dp0
>> \pdfpageheight=\dimen0
>> \pdfpagewidth=\wd0
>> \shipout\box0
>> \end{document}
>> % (Stolen ages ago from Maarten, perhaps)
> You are cheating, using Maarten's pathological latex source ( ;-)  
> no offense!)
> I have an immediate solution, that concerns Herbert's remark too :  
> I could add a control to add some margin to the default bounding  
> box. If you need great precision, it would be a textfield. On the  
> contrary, it would be a slider. But it would need a re-latexisation  
> (nice word). Any thoughts ?
> The preview package seems to give the same results as LaTeXiT:
>> \documentclass{article}
>> \usepackage[active,pdftex,textmath,tightpage]{preview}
>> \begin{document}
>> $1=3$
>> \end{document}
>> Is this actually what is used to generate the output? I couldn't  
>> work it out from looking at the log file.
> I do not use the preview package. If you want to get the generated  
> files, you can look into /private/tmp/folders.[your uid]/Temporary  
> Items
> (this is under Tiger the result of NSTemporaryDirectory(). The  
> files are put there.
> Regards
> Pierre
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