[OS X TeX] Crossrefs and BibDesk

Matthias Damm macplanet at macnews.de
Mon Jul 4 03:03:06 EDT 2005

Am 04.07.2005 um 03:38 schrieb Jon Hanson:

> I think I figured out the source of my difficulties.  If you take a  
> book entry in which "Title" is entered but "Booktitle" is  
> nonexistent/empty and then use that entry to create a child record  
> in BibDesk (type: incollection), Title gets copied to Title but  
> Booktitle in the child record remains empty.  I think it is not the  
> desired behavior although I understand why it is happening.
> This does not happen when I start by creating a brand new book  
> parent record in BibDesk because BibDesk automatically copies  
> whatever is in Title down to Booktitle (adding the Booktitle field  
> automatically in the process).  Then, the child record is created,  
> both Title and Booktitle get copied to the child fields of the same  
> name.  This is better, but I think it would be better still if the  
> Title field in the child record were left blank, since it will  
> nearly always (if not always) be different from Booktitle in this  
> book/incollection scenario.  The child's Title field can be still  
> edited, of course, but to change it one must click through a  
> warning dialog saying that a cross-referenced field is about to be  
> changed.

But you can configure this behavior! (Prefs -> Crossref -> Check the  
"Duplicate Title to Booktitle" checkboxes)
After that it always should behave as desired.


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