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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Jul 8 12:00:17 EDT 2005

Am 08.07.2005 um 16:23 schrieb Charles Chapman Pugh:

> (./Csc-drv1.tex (./fontinst.sty

What is that file fontinst.sty in the same directory as Csc-drv1.tex? 
It should belong into 
/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/fontinst/base or 
/Users/charlespugh/Library/texmf/tex/fontinst/base ...

charlespugh/Library/texmf/tex -- this is a nice path name and I 
suggested it would stand in correct UNIX syntax for ~/Library/texmf/tex 
or $HOME/Library/texmf/tex or ~charlespugh/Library/texmf/tex in case 
charlespugh/Library/texmf/tex is your login name. If not, then tex 
won't find the fontinst files.

If you need to install into the system's TeX repository, i.e. somewhere 
in the tree /usr/local/teTeX, the best choice is 
/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local. Additions that go into this 
sub-tree are usually safe when updating (exceptions: XeTeX with 
fontspec.sty and xunicode.sty). If you start acting like a system 
administrator you have to complete the job. And this: go to Terminal 
and invoke 'sudo texhash' -- that's a command that re-hashes/re-lists 
for TeX the contents of the /usr/local/teTeX tree of files and 
directories (folders). If this would not be done TeX would have to 
search every time in a pile of about 500 MB of files the right ones. 
One strategy to achieve finding would be to start a new search every 
time a file has to be read, or TeX could perform a recursive listisg of 
that tree's contents first (<200K) and then search in that list for 
every file it needs to read. The first method is for executives, folks 
that can wait a few days for an output. The second method is faster -- 
but once you have that listing, why don't you keep for the next run? 
You can save at every TeX invocation 20 or 30 seconds! This step has 
been out-sourced from TeX to texhash. So every time you change anything 
you need to run texhash, and you need to run it as the super-user 
because the TeX installation is made read-only for the average user. 
And that's the Mac owner usually. So you have to invoke the command in 
Terminal (or xterm) as 'sudo texhash'.

If you install additions into your own private repositary, that is into 
the tree $HOME/Library/texmf, then you don't need to 'texhash' anything 
because usually these few (hundred) files are search within 

That's the reason why you have to complete the administrator's job. And 
it will happen again when you go to integrate the MAP file for the Csc 
font into TeX! The it will be simply 'sudo updmap --enable Map=Csc.map' 
or such, provided you've put the MAP file into the right location.

Now, can you execute first in Terminal this command and send it to the 
list additionally to the answer of the above?

ls -lR $HOME/Library/texmf/tex/fontinst



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