[OS X TeX] Re: Fonts in Illustrator with Tiger

Wendy McKay wgm at cds.caltech.edu
Fri Jul 15 22:51:12 EDT 2005

  Hi Bruno,
Thanks for your comments.  I found a solution, I think.

On Sat, 16 Jul 2005, Bruno Voisin wrote:
> Hi Wendy,

> Le 16 juil. 05 ? 00:40, Wendy McKay a ?crit :>
>> ... did you find that the CM fonts no longer appear in Illustrator when
>> using Tiger 10.4.2
>> In the not too distant past, all the Tex fonts used to appear in the
>> Illustrator application.
>> What has changed?

> Depends on what you're talking about: right now I'm using Illustrator CS2 in 
> Tiger 10.4.2.

> If I look at the Character palette, I can see the OpenType Latin Modern fonts 
> installed by i-Installer from the TeX i-Package, but not the BSR/AMS 
> PostScript CM fonts that I installed in the Classic font folder. Which after 
> all is normal, given I have installed "hidden" versions of these fonts 
> (obtained by adding in ResEdit a "%" at the beginning of the screen font 
> name) precisely so that the fonts don't show up in applications' font menus 
> and are only seen by Textures.

My TeX fonts are not hidden and they are in the OS 9 "Fonts" folder in 
"System Folder (from Old Mac)" since my upgrade to Tiger.
It seems that in Panther and earlier OS systems, the Fonts from OS 9 were
automatically loaded into Illustrator.  But not so now in Tiger.

> I do remember that in Illustrator 10 these fonts, though being hidden, did 
> show up in the Character palette; now in CS2 they don't, which seems better. 
> I can't tell whether the change is due to CS2 or to Tiger 10.4.2, as I have 
> installed Illustrator CS2 last week or the week before, and I haven't used it 
> really before updating Tiger to 10.4.2. The fact that the fonts still show up 
> in Font Book seems to indicate OS X isn't involved here.

With some help, I found this article
which solved the immediate problem of font substitution for CM fonts 
which were not loaded in  the Illustrator Application.

As instructed, I made the fonts available in this directory*:
 	Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Fonts/Reqrd/

At first, I put a symlink to the "Font" folder using the command line, 
but the Character  Palette was not updating the font names when the text 
was selected. (However, I may have been too impatient, as the change is 
slow on my machine).
So I made a copy of all the TeX Postscript Fonts from OS 9 and put them in 
a folder (TeXFontsForAdobe) inside the above-mentioned directory*.
Now the font substitution problems have disappeared  and all the embedded 
TeX fonts in Illustrator .eps files show up without substitution.
(Too bad about having to duplicate the fonts though).

> That said, I'm not very happy with CS2: I was expecting it to be faster and 
> more Apple-HIG-compliant than Illustrator 10, but that's not the case. It 
> seems to only add bugs, and more modifications to the OS X routines (like 
> replacing the printing window by a completely new one, for no reason).

I don't have CS2 yet.
Fontwise, is it important to upgrade to CS2 immediately?


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