[OS X TeX] LaTeXiT 1.3.1 released

Pierre Chatelier pierre.chatelier at club-internet.fr
Fri Jul 22 03:22:52 EDT 2005


> I just noticed something else.  I have a library of about 35 or so  
> equations.  It looks like each one has the default preamble.  If I  
> do a Library->Refresh equation, the new preamble doesn't get  
> loaded.  Is there an easy way to change the preamble of an equation  
> in the Library without having to go through and re-copy/paste/label  
> each equation?
Your question about "why does the default preamble is not taken in  
account before I restart the app" was a FAQ. This one about the  
library is a new one. In both cases but it reflects a real use, and  
something isn't clear in the interface, so I have to reconsider the  
What about two new buttons in the "default preamble panel"
     -apply to open documents
     -apply to library


> Also, if I have multiple windows open and typeset a different  
> equation in each window, then the top most equation is echoed in  
> all open windows overwriting what was previously there.  At least  
> everything is saved in the history.
Yes, the library, as the history, is unique. LaTeXiT has been  
designed with this idea. It is far less confusing than one library  
per document.

> <greed>
> I plan to add more equations to the library (I'm sure the total  
> will be around 100 or so for my dissertation).  It would be nice to  
> have a keyboard shortcut to do this instead of having to do a  
> Library->Add current equation each time.
> </greed>
No problem, but which shortcut would be best ? It should be logical  
and not clash with MacOS current ones.



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