[OS X TeX] BibDesk and CrossRefs

Norm Gall gall at spookyhill.net
Sat Jul 30 11:03:56 EDT 2005

I finally have a bibtex database that has a large number of entries  
that are candidates for using the crossref feature, but I am having a  
bit of trouble understanding how BibDesk 1.1.2 deals with  
automatically copying information into the child entry.

In the preferences for Crossref, I have "Duplicate the Title field to  
the  Booktitle field for cross referenced types" and "Always  
Overwrite the Booktitle when Duplicating {book,  
proceedings,periodical, manual}" checked. I've deleted my preferences  
and the behaviourdescribed below persists.

I have a parent entry:

     Address = {Toronto, ON},
     Date-Added = {2005-07-30 08:27:07 -0600},
     Date-Modified = {2005-07-30 08:27:54 -0600},
     Editor = {Norman R. Gall and Karim Dharamsi},
     Publisher = {York University Press},
     Title = {The Way We Were},
     Year = {2005}}

Now, I wish to enter a child. I select the parent in the main window  
and hit Publications > New Publication with Crossref. I get an  
incollection entry window with

     Author blank
     Title The way We Were {linked}
     Booktitle blank
     Publisher York University Press {linked}
     Year 2005 {linked}
     Address Toronto, ON {linked}
     Crossref Gall:2005:W {linked}

So, BibDesk is _not_  Duplicating the Title field to the  Booktitle  
field for cross referenced types. This behaviour is also seen with  
option-command dragging a parent to a child window.

Am I doing this wrong, reading the docs incorrectly, missing a known  
bug or unimplemented feature?

Clearly the title of the parent is the child's booktitle, for the  
title of the collected paper is the child's title.

Any help would be handy right now,
Norm Gall
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