[OS X TeX] Font Installation: FD file

scheissenochmal2003 at yahoo.de scheissenochmal2003 at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 1 19:28:08 EST 2005

Herb Schulz wrote:

> Howdy,
> I think your problem is that you are using T1 font encoding so you need a
> t1bfr.fd file. You might try to make a t1bfr.fd file by simply substituting
> T1 for 8r in your 8rbfr.fd file but I'm not sure that is all you'll need.
> Put it in the same location as your 8rbfr.fd file and so a ``sudo texhash''
> since you're using the texmf.local branch of the TDS.

Thanks for the quick answers!
This did the job. (All the tfm/vf files were already in place.)

But: The person I got the afm/tfm/vf/pfb files from - that may clarify 
why I did not use fontinst - is not a mac user. So some character table 
(I don't know anything about how this is handled by LaTeX) got messed 
up; so now (using ngerman.sty) I get something like

     s\hspace*{-0.6ex}/  for     \"s and
     \"{y}               for     "s

(both should result in "ß"). All other german umlauts and \"{e} \"{\i} 
do work, but something is messed up - I just ran across the fact that 
\"{y} results in a cedilla (only the small hook of ç). \H{u} makes a 
pilcrow sign (¶), I did not test more yet.

Is there a way to repair that?


(I am now going to read the fontinstallationguide, which is very useful 
and maybe prevents me from asking questions like the one above - would 
result in "bfrr8-RTFM".)

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