[OS X TeX] overview of what TeX is producing

Jason Davies ucgajpd at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Mar 1 20:35:08 EST 2005

>>It would be good (I'm not nominating you! just hypothetically:) to
>>create some sort of poster sheet with several examples and big red
>>circles around the ugly things with some explanation...provided there
>>weren't too many red circles around the TeX examples :)
>Before I do that I'd like to receive more samples. Also the \tolerance
>levels may need to be set to the values that _just_ doesn't give
>overful lines.

I have been working on this in parallel - unfortunately, I wiped hours
of work by a badly configured Palm sync. (so I didn't get to work with
your samples Maarten, sorry)

I have ended up writing a page about this for some of our MA students on
our local wiki. You are all welcome to read, edit and refer to this page
but please bear the warning at the top of the page in mind. 

AND it's in progress, I plan to get the rest of the overview in place
tomorrow but as Maarten said, it's late here in Europe..

<http://tinyurl.com/5th2u> for the in progress wiki page.

The page has to cater generally so I'm currnently compiling a list of
things they can do to offset the fact that they wont' be in a positino
to learn LaTeX...

There are some sample pages at <http://tinyurl.com/5cldw>. I took a page
out of my LaTeX book and tried to reproduce things. Do please point any
unfair factor out to me...I will add these to the web page in due
course. But if you can see things that are particularly worth pointing
out, do please tell so I can add some commentary...

If you don't know how to edit a wiki then see

g'night everyone...
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