[OS X TeX] metapost

Daniel L. Dietrich Daniel.L.Dietrich at grc.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 2 11:27:30 EST 2005

I downloaded it recently and got it to work as follows (assuming OS X 10.3):

   -  Start X11 (located in Applications/Utilities)
   -  At the console window, type xfig

It should start and give you a GUI-driven drawing program.

Alternately you can try jfig which is a 
'platform-independent' Java implementation of 
xfig.  I tried both a little and like xfig better.

I had one problem with xfig.  It assumes a BW 
display.  GW lists a procedure to get it to 
recognize a color display and give nice color 
menus and buttons.  I couldn't get it to work. 
Everything works, just not in color (I can draw 
color objects, just the menu/button items are in 
BW).  Any help would be appreciated.

I hope it helps.


P.S.  I used and recommend the GW installation of 
xfig (as opposed to the Fink installation).

>Aaron Jackson wrote:
>I don't remember the original thread,
>Sorry about that, it was
>Re: [OS X TeX] overview of what TeX is producing
>>and I don't know if this was mentioned to you 
>>before, but have you looked at xfig? There is a 
>>i-installer package and it exports files in all 
>>sorts of file formats, including pdf.
>I just i-installed it and now I have no idea 
>what to do. I downloaded the manual for 
>xfig.3.2.4 from CTAN and it looks as if I could 
>use it Š if only I knew how to start it.
>I hope someone will have pity on this ICP (install-challenged-person).
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