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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Mar 3 05:40:50 EST 2005

Am 02.03.2005 um 17:27 schrieb Daniel L. Dietrich:

> I had one problem with xfig.  It assumes a BW display.  GW lists a 
> procedure to get it to recognize a color display and give nice color 
> menus and buttons.  I couldn't get it to work. Everything works, just 
> not in color (I can draw color objects, just the menu/button items are 
> in BW).  Any help would be appreciated.

Launch i-Installer and select from the "Known Packages i-Directory" 
xfig. Do "Open i-Package" and choose in the new window "Pkg Contents." 
The first item is "ð Ñ Ñ Fig." This is the file with X11 applications 
defaults. Apply "Inspect" on it. In the window pane below you'll see 
the defaults. I did not try the "Install" button, but it works to mark 
the file's contents and copy it into the cut&paste buffer. Now in 
Terminal you can write

	cat >> ~/.Xdefaults

paste now the cut&paste buffer's contents into Terminal and type a 
final ctrl-d (press and hold the ctrl button *and* press "d" once). 
This will create the (rather invisible) file .Xdefaults in your home 
directory, or, when it's already there, it amend to its old contents 
this new one. So do it only once with these "defaults!" Now the 
settings are in the file, but X11 won't see the changes, so it has to 
be informed about this invoking in Terminal

	xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

At least when you invoke xrdb X11 has to be running! Now that the 
defaults were upgraded you can launch Xfig -- could be still without 
colour! To have colour support it might be necessary to add the 
contents of any of the files attached to the next eMail to your 
~/.Xdefaults -- because Apple's X11.app does not search for those 
resources files according to environment variables.

Adding them could be done in Terminal via

	cat <here you throw the file from Finder or Mail> >> ~/.Xdefaults

or, to be able check different colour and other settings, for example 
in TextEdit. The invisible file is *not* easily opened like

	open -a TextEdit ~/.Xdefaults

First you need to copy it to kind of a "regular" file name

	cp ~/.Xdefaults ~/Xdefaults

Now you can edit it, adding first a line "!!!!! For Xfig only !!!!!" 
and then any coloured contents. When you don't like the colourizing or 
want to try another sample, you simply search for that line and 
substitute the remainder of the file with new colour settings.

Whenever you've finished editing, two steps have to follow

	cp ~/Xdefaults ~/.Xdefaults
	xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

One thing *should* change in Xfig's X11 defaults:

	Fig.pdfviewer:                  open %f


	Fig.pdfviewer:                  texdoc %f

You probably have configured texdoc with you favoured applications, so 
better do not rely what Mac OS X thinks would be the right application 
for PDF documents!



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