[OS X TeX] TeX i-package: Having trouble installing 2005

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Mar 3 09:38:39 EST 2005

Am 03.03.2005 um 15:04 schrieb <stephenmoye at cox.net>:

> Later -- I tried the expert installation and got the same error. The 
> log file is
> not very illuminating -- it can't find texconfig and bails out.

Could you check two things?

What is in Terminal the output of "echo $PATH"?
What is in Terminal the output of "which texconfig"?

Didn't you mention once Fink? Having both teTeX distributions? Maybe 
you should check ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist too ... which is easy in 
Terminal: open ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist

If you see in that file or in the output of the two commands "/sw/bin" 
then you should make this path component disappear, or be last. The 
best check for success of this would be to log out and log in again and 
check the two commands in Terminal again.

Do you see in the folder/directory with the i-Packages quite recent 
dates? Could you open the tex.ii2 bundle and see whether the files 
inside are quite recent? The i-Installer lets you alone for a long time 
with the old stuff. When you press Install/Configure then for some 
packages a window pops up that allows to Ignore  Update  Cancel  TL2004 
  TL2005 -- or such. This "Update" is an indication that i-Installer has 
found a newer i-Package on the net, if you press Ignore you're 
re-installing the old stuff again.

Who installed TL2005 first? Was it you with the same account as now? Or 
did you do it as admin or such? If these two identities are different, 
then i-Installer fails in fetching the new components of this bundle 
from the net, other things might fail too ... and some things, that are 
done as superuser, might get lost/removed.

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