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Thu Mar 3 18:32:43 EST 2005

Am 03.03.2005 um 16:23 schrieb scheissenochmal2003 at yahoo.de:

> - for testing purposes changing the .fd description to <->fstr8r 
> instead of fstr8t. So I guess the original afm file does not contain 
> errors.
> `afm2tfm fstr.afm -T cork.enc fstr8t.tfm' resulted in

That's *not* the correct way.

A PostScript font comes in Adobe Standard Encoding or 8a(.enc) -- or in 
8x, the AdobeExpertEnc(oding) for expert fonts with Old style Figures 
and Small Caps etc. The Cork encoding is dead -- I think it never was 
really alive, just one more try with an early unstandardized 8 bit 
encoding. Cork became T1, and got a bit later a companion, TS1 (Å8c).

The usual way is to take an 8a encoded raw PS (or TrueType) font and 
make use of it in the 8r or TeXBase1Encoding. This one is close to T1. 
So an FD file *never* should contain an 8r encoded font, because this 
one has big gaps and contains about 160 glyphs only. In case you can 
easily generate 8r and 8t (and 8c too?) encoded fonts, make a proof 
sheet of them with nfssfont.tex and see the differences.

If do some kind of font installation: don't forget the map file and its 

slhro8r LucidaBright <8r.enc <slhr8a.pfb "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont 
0.194 SlantFont"

My advice is to take this weekend off and read Philip Lehman's Font 
Installation Guide (texdoc fontinstallationguide).

And another recommendation: subscribe to the TeX Fonts list:

tex-fonts at math.utah.edu

Last month, on Valentine, Walter Schmidt introduced a new way to 
install PS fonts, based on AGL, the glyph names as used in the Adobe 
Glyph List 
I think). Yesterday he sent a new eMail about encodings in TeX and his 
revised proposal.

His way, too, involves the use of fontinst -- there really is no 
reasonable way around it. Fontinst does a real good job, that you can't 
imagine when based on the documents -- IMO. They, too, have an eMail 

postmaster at tug.org

I don't want to reject you from this list, I want to show you some 
alternatives from which you can retrieve more help and profit. Their 
repositories are great! Nothing's off-topic.

Mit friedvollen Gr٤en


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