[OS X TeX] iinstaller packages are not documents

Bernhard Barkow bb at creativeeyes.at
Sat Mar 5 01:41:43 EST 2005

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On 5. Mär 2005, at 2:58, Adam R. Maxwell wrote:

> ...
>> Or ~/Library/i-Packages. Think about ~/Library/Receipts,  
>> ~/Library/iMovie, ~/Library/iTunes, ~/Library/Mail,  
>> ~/Library/QuickTime, ~/Library/Safari, ~/Library/Mozilla,  
>> ~/Library/Thunderbird, etc. But of course there are counter-examples:  
>> ~/Library/Application Support/AdressBook, ~/Library/Application  
>> Support/Camino, ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox,  
>> ~/Library/Application Support/iCal, ~/Library/Application  
>> Support/Nvu, ~/Library/Application Support/Sunbird, etc. Hard to see  
>> any deterministic logical pattern to it!
> It may be hard to see a pattern, but there are guidelines for what is  
> appropriate; applications are not supposed to put files in  
> ~/Documents, for instance.  See "Where to put application files" from  
> <http://developer.apple.com/documentation/MacOSX/Conceptual/ 
> BPFileSystem/index.html> for details.

Hi all,

since software installer packages are quite distinct from normal user  
data, I have a "software"-directory in the "Shared" user's home  
directory where I store all downloaded application installers etc. The  
advantage for me is that all the installer packages are not included in  
my user data backup, and on the other hand I can burn a DVD with the  
whole software directory and use it for setting a computer from scratch  
(or do it directly from the hard disk on my own Mac when deleting and  
reinstalling OSX, which is on a separate partition, separated from user  
data). Thinking about that, it actually doesn't make a huge difference  
where this software directory is placed; I chose Shared just because  
this was practical for me at the time, on a Mac with multiple user  
accounts probably a separate directory with admin access only would be  
more advisable. But then, it can also reside in the admin's home  
Coming to the point, I placed my i-packages directory there, too, since  
i-packages are
actually application installers for me.

Just to throw my 2 cents in,


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