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Aaron Jackson jackson at msrce.howard.edu
Sat Mar 5 16:02:55 EST 2005

On Mar 5, 2005, at 3:38 PM, <rbmjk at alltel.net> wrote:

> I am new to TeX on the MAC, but am an experienced TeX user.
> I recently installed TeXShop, using i-Installer, on my new MAC iBook.
> I then put my old TeX files in to Documents, and tried TeXing a file.
> One of my first lines is, as usual,
>         \input kellogg/tex/macros
> and it could not find the file. So I put the file into the same folder
> as the file being TeXed, changed the command to
>       \input macros,
> saved the changed file, and successfully TeXed the file. I tried 
> TeXing it again,
> and again it could not find "kellogg/tex/macros". I then read the info 
> on
> TeXShop, and learned that I should put my files into Library/texmf.
> I then looked into Library/texmf, thinking that I would find some 
> version
> of my file there. Nothing. My questions:
> 1. Why does the program think that I have the command (1) above, when
> there is no such line?

Texshop is an enhanced editor.  It does not process the files, only 
calls the programs that process your files.  It should work if the tex 
document is in the same directory as the \input files.  Did the file, 
macros end in .tex? See #2 for more info.

> 2. Must I really put all my various folders of TeX files as a 
> subdirectory
> of Library/texmf? I will, if necessary, but it seems more logical to
> me to leave them in Documents.

For the most part yes.  The problem is the search path that the tex 
programs use to find files.  Assuming that you installed GW's tex 
distribution, it is configured to, as most tex systems are, to look in 
the current directory for files, then your local tex tree and then the 
systems tex tree.  In this case, your local tex tree is located in 
~/Library/texmf, while the system's tree is located in 

Anything that you add to your tex tree, you have to make the 
appropriate directory structure, as tex expects certain files in 
certain directories.

> 3. This is unrelated, but when I preview, with the pdf file that is 
> produced,
> I do not get the whole page at one shot, but rather am image that
> must be scrolled up and down. My previous linux distribution was better
> in that regard!

You can always set the preferences to change that.  Also, a bigger 
monitor would help. ;-)

> 4. Yet another unrelated TeX question, just to get things off my chest:
> The editor suffers from the MAC limitation of a 1 button mouse, instead
> of the convenient 3 button mouse that is so convenient for cutting
> and pasting. Any suggestion of a remedy?

A one button mouse is not a limitation.  It just operates differently.  
You can usually control -click or option-click to get the same 
functionality as a three button mouse at no additional cost.  If it 
really bothers you, buy a three button mouse .  It should work the 


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