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Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at verizon.net
Thu Mar 10 18:41:17 EST 2005

This install-challenged (Schremmer) couldn't wait but got almost 
immediately stuck.

Sergei Mariev wrote:

> Open Script editor  in the TexShop and create the following macro:
> --AppleScript
> do shell script "perl ~/Documents/scriptsperl/random2.pl"
> tell application "TeXShop"
>     set the selection of the front document to (the clipboard as text)
> end tell

I did that and called it NewLabel.

> Then save the following perlscript in the path specified in the macro, 
> or adjust the path so that the shell script finds the perl script 
> attached at the end.

In Users/AlainSchremmer/Documents, I created a folder called 
"scriptsperl" and then I got stuck: I searched for an application in 
which to copy-paste the script and save it as "random2.pl". But, while I 
found a perl library and other misc, no app. (I hope it is not the 

As for the rest, I understand that:
(1)  the entire script is as quoted below, namely that it starts with 
"#!/usr/bin/perl" and end with the two single "}".
(2)  in the second line of the script,
            open(IN, "/Users/sm/Documents/diss/random10.txt") || die 
"Can't open random10.txt: $!\n";
       I must replace "sm" by "AlainSchremmer".
(3)  the file "[the script] looks for in the first place" is called 
"random10.txt", is blank and can be created with any app that will save 
in plain text.
(4)  I must place "random10.txt" in a folder called "diss" which is 
itself in Users/AlainSchremmer/Documents, that is alongside the folder 
called scriptsperl.

I will "adjust the file paths" if and when.

Very grateful regards

> #!/usr/bin/perl
> open(IN, "/Users/sm/Documents/diss/random10.txt") || die "Can't open 
> random10.txt: $!\n";
> @in = <IN> ;
> $howmany = @in;
> if ($howmany == 9999) {die "you have used all the keys\n;" }
> close IN;
> &dothejob;
> sub dothejob{
>     $test = 0;       $rnumber = int(rand(9999));
>     &testit;       if ($test == 1) {&dothejob;       } else {open(OUT, 
> ">>/Users/sm/Documents/diss/random10.txt") || die "Can't open 
> random.txt: $!\n";
>     print OUT "$rnumber\n";
>     $howmany++;
>     open(PIPE, "| pbcopy");
>     print PIPE "\\linelabel\{$rnumber\}";
>     close PIPE;
>     }
> }
> sub testit{
>     foreach $member(@in)
>     { if ($rnumber == $member) {$test = 1;             }
>   }
>    }

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