[OS X TeX] Nice, sans-serif condensed (non-bold) font?

Sergei Mariev serguei.mariev at campus.lmu.de
Mon Mar 14 13:42:28 EST 2005

Have you taken a look at http://home.vr-web.de/was/fonts.html ? There 
is a large variety of fontys you might find what you are looking for 
and they are easy to intall, but you have to purchase the .pfb files 
from Adobe or somewhere...


sergei mariev

>Hello all,
>After spending a fair bit of time this morning dealing searching 
>online and through the LaTeX Companions, I'm drawing a blank. I 
>apologize if this is an inappropriate post, because I've noted 
>similar things posted in the past (though, hopefully, not this exact 
>Is there a way (with G.W.'s i-Installer packages installed) to get a 
>clean-looking, condensed, sans-serif font?
>The closest things I've found are:
>	and
>The first of which uses the semi-bold, condensed Computer Modern. 
>It's almost what I want, but without the semi-bold. (It's also not 
>my favorite font, but I care more about the right type of font than 
>the particular font I use.) The second is Helvetica Narrow. The 
>problem with this font seems to be that the "ex" height is greater 
>than the regular fonts, despite the characters being more narrow, 
>making text lines which mix fonts look very odd.
>Too bad I can't just take the regular sans serif font and force it 
>to be condensed on the fly (which probably wouldn't look that great, 
>anyway). :)
>Does anyone know a decent condensed font without bold and without 
>having overly-tall lowercase characters ("ex" height)?
>Also, I use these commands in the preamble:
>This font is not used for the main document text, so no need to warn 
>me about how terrible it will be to read. :)
>There are about 3,273,991 fonts in /usr/local/teTeX, so I figure 
>someone's encountered them. Does anyone know a way to LaTeX to 
>generate a document of all installed fonts on the system?
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