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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Mar 15 07:51:04 EST 2005

Le 15 mars 05, à 13:04, scheissenochmal2003 at yahoo.de a écrit :

> I am typesetting some poems using the verse-package. For the text I  
> use a special font. Now I need line numbering, but I don't want the  
> line numbers to be typeset in that font (a heavy sansserif resembling  
> the AkzidenzGrotesk-Medium). The verse.pdf documentation says: "Lines  
> are numbered via \thepoemline which defaults to typesetting  
> normalsized arabic numerals."
> Can somebody help me in redefining \thepoemline, so that it produces  
> \small\normalfont arabic numerals?

You may try redefining (in your document's preamble) the command  
generating, in verse.sty, the line numbers, something like:

   \ifhmode \unskip\else \@nolnerr\fi
   \incr at vsline
     \@vsifbang{\@ifnextchar[ {\@vsicentercr}{}}{\@vsxcentercr}}}}

(\getmodulo at vs is the command calling \thepeomline). Or you may also  

\renewcommand{\getmodulo at vs}{{\@tempcnta\c at poemline\small\normalfont
   \ifnum\c at modulo@vs<\@ne    % no line numbers
     \ifnum\c at modulo@vs<\tw@  % number every line
       \divide\@tempcnta\c at modulo@vs
       \multiply\@tempcnta\c at modulo@vs
       \ifnum\@tempcnta=\c at poemline\thepoemline\fi

With no guarantee, as I've never used verse.sty.

Bruno Voisin
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