[OS X TeX] adding truetype fonts for pdflatex

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Mar 16 05:14:33 EST 2005

Am 16.03.2005 um 09:57 schrieb Dalyoung:

> Is there a nice way to include type1 fonts and truetype fonts 
> together? Or are there something that is not the map problem which 
> caused this problem?

The correct way to add new fonts, PostScript or TrueType, is to create 
a little map file, or two of them. The entries for a PostScript font 
look like

	slhdo8r LucidaBright-Demi <8r.enc <slhd8a.pfb " TeXBase1Encoding 
ReEncodeFont 0.194 SlantFont "
	slhdo8p LucidaBright-Demi <slhd8p.pfb " 0.194 SlantFont "
	slhrui8r LucidaBright-Italic <8r.enc <slhri8a.pfb " TeXBase1Encoding 
ReEncodeFont -0.125 SlantFont "
	slhrui8p LucidaBright-Italic <slhri8p.pfb " -0.125 SlantFont "
those for TrueType are a bit simpler because there are no means to 
manipulate the shape of glyphs in them:
	llhri8c		LucidaBright-Italic			<TS1-AGL.enc <llhri8a.ttf
	llhri8t		LucidaBright-Italic			<T1-WGL4.enc <llhri8a.ttf
	llsd8c		LucidaSans-Demi				<TS1-AGL.enc <llsd8a.ttf
	llsd8t		LucidaSans-Demi				<T1-WGL4.enc <llsd8a.ttf

Having these map and font files in the correct places (for example 
~/Library/texmf/fonts/map/dvips/updmap for you map files) you invoke 
'sudo updmap --enable Map=<name.map>' or 'sudo updmap --nohash --enable 
Map=<name.map>' for every map file and updmap produces not only 
pdftex_dl14.map but also those for dvips and for dvipdfm (needed for 
TeXniscope) and the versions for not downloading the usual set of 
PostScript fonts. If you're pasting something into pdftex_dl14.map it 
will only be present in this file and and only for pdfTeX and only for 
its mode of downloading the usual PS fonts to the printer and only 
until the next time updmap is invoked. So, don't do that ever! It takes 
a few minutes to enable a new set of fonts and again a few more minutes 
to disable it, but it'll keep your hair dark for a few more days.

I have a working setup with TrueType fonts 'directly' integrated into 
pdfTeX and with TrueType fonts first converted to PostScript and then 
integrated into TeX using fontinst. In one document I can mix the above 
mentioned l and s names of the same font. I have created font 
descriptions, FD files with the extension .fd too, no special STY or 
CLS files, I change the font with NFSS2 like \rmdefault{} etc.

If you're having problems you should show us a bit of your log files 
and an example of the (La)TeX source.

Adding \usepackage{pxfonts} should not make LaTeX include the EC fonts 
but the PS fonts from urw++, PalladioL, Nimbus. Do you have them 



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