[OS X TeX] question re hyperref and latex made web pages

Rene Borgella macmechanic at fastmail.fm
Sun Mar 20 13:56:47 EST 2005

opps, I just read my post and see I need to clarify something I wrote.

I mean that the html pages give me the behavior I 
want (right click or ctr click) open a new page, 
but the pdf version, when viewed in a browser (I 
have checked in Safari, Mozilla, and Firefox) do 
not open in a new window.  What I'd like is to be 
able to have this behavior in PDF docs.

sorry for my confusion!


>Dear folks:
>I've been meaning to ask this question for 
>several days, and seeing the other hyperref 
>query prompted me . . .
>I make files that I can convert to web pages for 
>the course I teach using hyperref.  I have 
>things mostly working who I need them, but what 
>I haven't been able to figure out is how to make 
>the resulting document (both pdf and web page) 
>open a new window when clicked? I've looked 
>around for this info and haven't been able to 
>find it. Is it even possible?
>Here's the relevant part of the preamble:
>	colorlinks=true,
>	linkcolor=blue,
>	anchorcolor=black,
>	citecolor=black,
>	filecolor=blue,
>	menucolor=black,
>	pagecolor=black,
>	urlcolor=blue,
>	bookmarks=true,
>	bookmarksopen=true,
>	bookmarksnumbered=false,
>	pdfpagemode=UseOutlines,
>	pdfnewwindow=true,
>	pdftitle={Environmental Biology Assignment 4},
>	pdfauthor={Ren\'e Borgella <rborgella at ithaca.edu>},
>	pdfsubject={Accuracy in the media},
>	pdfkeywords={News, Media, Science, Society},
>	pdfview={FitH},
>	pdfstartview={FitH},
>	pdfstartpage={1}
>Thanks for any help!
>ps -- I am away from my LaTex Companion and 
>Guide and don't have them avail. for reference.
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