[OS X TeX] Question: adjusting spacing in the enumerate environment

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Mar 21 04:46:01 EST 2005

Le 21 mars 05, à 05:09, Richard Seguin a écrit :

> That also works. However, I'm still getting minimal to no effect on 
> the space above the first item. Maybe Bruno is correct about this 
> approach being doomed.

I really do think it can't work. After \begin{enumerate} has been 
executed, the value of \itemsep can't be changed within the environment 
(I mean, it can, but that probably won't be taken into account).

Having never used amsart.cls, I don't know which layout you're willing 
to achieve. If you look at 
/Library/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/amscls/amsart.cls, you'll 
see the following definitions of list-layout parameters:

> \newskip\listisep
> \listisep\smallskipamount
> \def\@listI{\leftmargin\leftmargini \parsep\z at skip
>   \topsep\listisep \itemsep\z at skip
>   \listparindent\normalparindent}
> \let\@listi\@listI
> \def\@listii{\leftmargin\leftmarginii
>   \labelwidth\leftmarginii \advance\labelwidth-\labelsep
>   \topsep\z at skip \parsep\z at skip \partopsep\z at skip \itemsep\z at skip}
> \def\@listiii{\leftmargin\leftmarginiii
>   \labelwidth\leftmarginiii \advance\labelwidth-\labelsep}
> \def\@listiv{\leftmargin\leftmarginiv
>   \labelwidth\leftmarginiv \advance\labelwidth-\labelsep}
> \def\@listv{\leftmargin\leftmarginv
>   \labelwidth\leftmarginv \advance\labelwidth-\labelsep}
> \def\@listvi{\leftmargin\leftmarginvi
>   \labelwidth\leftmarginvi \advance\labelwidth-\labelsep}

Hence to achieve the same kind of layout with article.cls, you'll have 
to perform similar redefinitions, either after \begin{document}, or 
before it but wrapped inside \AtBeginDocument. You'll have to play with 
the various parameters \topsep \partopsep \parsep \itemsep \parskip as 
defined in figure 6.3 of "LaTeX: A Document Preparation System".

Only help I can offer: an example, for a document with \parindent=0pt 
and \parskip=1em, in which the layout was chosen to give lists with 
pre-list space = inter-item space = post-list space = inter-paragraph 
space within items = \parskip:

> \makeatletter
> \AtBeginDocument{%
>   \renewcommand{\@listi}
>     {\setlength{\leftmargin}{\leftmargini}
>      \setlength{\topsep} {0pt}
>      \setlength{\parsep} {\parskip}
>      \setlength{\itemsep}{0pt}}
>   \renewcommand{\@listii}
>     {\setlength{\leftmargin}{\leftmarginii}
>      \setlength{\labelwidth}{\leftmarginii}
>      \addtolength{\labelwidth}{-\labelsep}}
>   \renewcommand{\@listiii}
>     {\setlength{\leftmargin}{\leftmarginiii}
>      \setlength{\labelwidth}{\leftmarginiii}
>      \addtolength{\labelwidth}{-\labelsep}}}
> \makeatother

to be used like:

	Blah blah:

	\item Blah 1.

	\item Blah 2.

	End Blah.

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin
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