[OS X TeX] Japanese XeTeX examples

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Tue Mar 22 09:52:39 EST 2005


Having discovered that Mac OS X is distributed with some excellent 
Japanese OpenType fonts, I'd like to incorporate their feature set into 
the fontspec package for XeLaTeX.

Is there anyone here (I'm sending to the Mac OS X TeX list since I 
believe it to be a superset of the XeTeX mailing list) who has 
experience with Japanese typesetting and/or understanding of the 
various appropriate OpenType tags?

E.g. "Hiragino Mincho Pro W3" contains the following tags I'd like to 
incorporate into fontspec in some manner:

     (Full/half/proportional/quarter/third width glyphs)

     (alternate half / proportional alternate widths)

     (Horizontal/Vertical kana glyphs)

     (italic forms in the same font -- what's the point?)

     (various alternate forms for, uh, things)

     (vertical positioning, etc.)

Basically all I know of these things is what I read on Adobe's website. 
So in the long term (I'm probably busy in the short term) I'm looking 
to work out a way to group everything together in a coherent way and 
put some thought into an interface for it all.

As opposed to the OpenType people (MS and Adobe) who have just invented 
a bazillion tags and poured them into heap on the floor expecting 
people to sift through them to get what they want.

I'm basically looking for short examples of some Japanese writing 
typeset in various ways using these tags. Once I've put it all into 
fontspec I would like some people who will be able to look at what I've 
done and say "no, you don't go about writing Japanese that way, this 
interface could be improved by grouping this with that".

Anyone done this stuff before?

Best of luck,
Will Robertson

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