[OS X TeX] sty and map files for adobe fonts.

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sat Mar 26 07:41:29 EST 2005

Am 26.03.2005 um 04:02 schrieb Jeff Genung:

> The other issue I am missing is the :
> \renewcommand*{\rmdefault}{pad}
> \renewcommand*{\sfdefault}{phv}
> \renewcommand*{\ttdefault}{pcr}
> that you have in the sty file. This tells Tex to use {pad} for all 
> regular
> text, but do I need to tell it to use a specific font within the pad 
> family
> for SC or BF or IT text?

No, they're not enough, they would allow you to use the usual Adobe 
Garamond versions. To make use  of the expert encoding sets you would 
have to install some work of Walter Schmidt:


The ZIP archive has the file doc/fonts/adobe/agaramon.txt which should 
explain quite a lot!

> there is also a point that I don't see you renaming the .pfb files from
> example: padb8a.pfb to padb8r.pfb ?

There is an encoding issue I too do not understand (I hope at least 
members of the fontinst team do so) that makes it necessary to keep the 
'original' 8a encoded file. The fontinst procedure re-encodes from 
Adobe (8a) to the standard TeX text encoding 8r. In the map file it 
would be explained how to track this for the PS or PDF output files 
(DVI does not need to know that because it uses directly the re-encoded 
VF and TFM files, of which dvips or dvipdfm have no knowledge):

padr8r  AGaramond-Regular  "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc 

which seems to be not true for the expert encodings:

padr8x  AGaramondExp-Regular        <padr8x.pfb

> Also don't you have to texhash at the end? the OSX font install guide 
> says
> to do this, but elsewhere I seem to have read that the gwTeX 
> distribution
> didn't need this.

There is an easy rule of thumb: whenever you add or delete a file or 
more from the system's TeXMF trees (/usr/local/teTeX/...) you need to 
run texhash. If you do it in your personal area, ~/Library/texmf, to 
don't need to because the standard setting for teTeX is to search every 
time the whole of your local tree. Since it's much smaller than the 
system's one you don't waste that much time.



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