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Nicola Cabibbo nicola.cabibbo at roma1.infn.it
Mon Mar 28 05:02:35 EST 2005

A few days ago there was discussion in this thread on the installation 
the Garamoond font for Tex. Since I had Garamond and the expert set
in the Mac version,  and some time to spare, I decided to plunge into
the  installation.  It was not too long, and it worked. My setup is
a standard Gerben Tex (not the very last) on OsX 10.3.8.

I will detail below the steps I followed, and a list of the commands 
through the Terminal. Note that I did not have the .afm files to start 

I gathered instructions from:
	the message by Aaron Jackson in this thread

I decided to hold the font in ~/Library/texmf. The first three steps
can be done using the Finder:

1) Create a folder "AGaramond" in home directory (~/AGaramond), and put 
in it
     copies of the mac font files. It will be used as a working 
directory, and can
      be deleted afterwards.

2) From http://home.vr-web.de/was/fonts.html download the archive 
"pad.zip" and expand it,
	then copy (via Finder) all the containts of the expanded directory to 
	subfolders of   ~/Library/texmf.

3) Create subdirectories

The rest uses the Terminal.

4) Set ~/AGaramond as working directory. The command:

my_pb:~ myself$ cd /Users/myself/AGaramond

5) Extract the .pfb files from the Mac font files using  t1unmac.
	The correct names for the .pfb files can be found in

my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarBol/rsrc padb8a.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarBolIta/rsrc padbi8a.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarIta/rsrc padri8a.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarReg/rsrc padr8a.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarSem/rsrc pads8a.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarSemIta/rsrc padsi8a.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarTit/rsrc padrd8a.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarExpBol/rsrc padb8x.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarExpBolIta/rsrc padbi8x.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarExpIta/rsrc padri8x.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarExpReg/rsrc padr8x.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarExpSem/rsrc pads8x.pfb
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ t1unmac -r AGarExpSemIta/rsrc padsi8x.pfb

6) Create the .afm files with pfm2afm.

my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ apply pf2afm *.pfb

5) Copy .pfb and .afm files to the \texmf directory

my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ cp *.pfb 
my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ cp *.afm 

6) Enable the map.

my_pb:~/AGaramond myself$ sudo updmap --enable Map pad.map

To use Garamond I used the following preamble
	(from http://semantics-online.org/geek/2003/09/)


Euler fonts are nice and clear, but somewhat funny!

Best regards to all, and thanks for the excellent suggestions,

	Nicola Cabibbo

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