[OS X TeX] Beginner questions

Bob Kerstetter bkerstetter at mac.com
Tue Mar 29 19:18:41 EST 2005

Hello Marek,

On Mar 29, 2005, at 4:00 PM, Marek Stepanek wrote:


> 1. I am dreaming of a sort of SGML-Syntax list, with all possible  
> commands
> and variants under a special document class. Perhaps there is such a  
> beast
> out there ?

Assuming you are interested in LaTeX, here is an annotated list of  


A mirror closer to you is:


> 2. Or is there a list at least with all "primitives" ? For example like
> \textbf{bold text} or \texttt{typewritertext} , wich are working under  
> all
> document classes ? Such a list would be very helpful for a beginner.

The above link may be what you want.

As far as I know, all primitives  are in TeX, not LaTeX. You can find  
these in The TeXbook by Donald Knuth.

> 3. I am concretely looking for something like a screenplay or film  
> script -
> document class. Is there such a document class and if yes, how to look  
> for
> it on www.ctan.org ? There are no search results for "film" "Screen  
> Play" or

Unless you know what you are seeking, ctan is a mystery.

Usually, searching ctan using google like this:

screenplay site:ctan.org

returns something. :)

For your screenplay, the google search returned three entries.



> 5. Concretely : could a good soul be so kind here, and give me a hint  
> how to
> insert in this document class of scrlttr2 a dialog with more margin,  
> and
>         1. Person (bold perhaps centered)
>     speaking speaking (perhaps in an other type, perhaps cursive)
>         2. Person (bold perhaps centered)
>     speaking speaking (perhaps in an other type, perhaps cursive)

I use this for controlling the left and right indent:

{\leftskip=.08\linewidth \rightskip=.08\linewidth Some words go here.  
\par }

The measurement could be points, cm, or whatever. I use linewidth so  
the width scales when switching between letter and A4 paper.

I don't use this enough to make a LaTeX newcommand, In fact, I don't  
know how to. But it works in LaTeX just fine. It takes a lot of typing  
if you use it much. Maybe someone here can show you how to make it into  
a LaTeX newcommand.

BTW, \leftskip and \rightskip are both TeX primitives.

> Thank you in advance and best greetings to all from Munich
> marek

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