[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk-1.1.7

Walter Smits smitsw at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 11:04:38 EDT 2005

Just want to say a big thank-you to everyone involved, great work.    
The boolean checkboxes are a perfect solution to the feature request  
I posted here a while ago (a means to mark bibdesk entries that need  
attention).  The iTunes style ratings also make a great addition.


- Walter

Op 5-okt-2005, om 5:21 heeft Adam R. Maxwell het volgende geschreven:

> The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
> 1.1.7 is now available at http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/.  This  
> release fixes some nasty bugs, and also adds numerous new  
> features.  In the event that we also added new bugs, please file a  
> detailed report at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/? 
> group_id=61487&atid=497423>.  Thanks to those of you who beta  
> tested our nightly builds and submitted feedback.
> IMPORTANT:  You should update your external autocompletion plugin,  
> if you use that feature.  Go to BibDesk's "Autocompletion"  
> preference pane, choose the "External" tab, and click the  
> "Reinstall" button (or follow the prompt).
> Complete release notes follow, for the curious.
> New Features
>   *  Can now add an iTunes-style rating button to entries (see  
> Defaults preference pane)
>   *  Can now add Boolean checkboxes to entries (see Defaults  
> preference pane)
>   *  Added more export types to the File menu
>   *  Can now copy a LaTeX .bbl file of the current selection
>   *  Document status line background is now gray like Xcode's  
> (Tiger only)
>   *  External autocomplete now completes \pageref as well as \ref  
> commands
>   *  External autocomplete application list now uses a gradient  
> tableview, because I think it looks cool
>   *  Macros can now be autocompleted in the editor and text import  
> sheet with opt-esc (10.3 and greater only)
>   *  Double-clicking a publication in the Author table now opens  
> that publication in an editor
>   *  Autosave is now supported (see Files pref pane); this is a  
> Tiger-only feature, and off by default
>   *  Added a status display when using type-ahead find in the main  
> pub list, so you know what it's looking for
>   *  Can now set file encoding when using Open With Filter
> Bugs Fixed
>   *  TeX preview only cleared when visible
>   *  Metadata importer now handles 'keywords' properly as a  
> multivalued type
>   *  Saving as RIS could cause a crash with certain entries
>   *  Fix bug #1284205, macro values are now updated in the editor  
> when their value is changed
>   *  Improved performance of input manager
>   *  Description strings in external autocompletion are now shorter
>   *  Cite key insertion tries to be smarter about inserting a  
> closing brace only when necessary
>   *  Metadata keys now have a proper reverse-DNS naming scheme
>   *  Use file path as a fallback if the alias in a metadata cache  
> file is bogus
>   *  Fixed crasher when writing out metadata when saving a new  
> document for the first time
>   *  Only save metadata when the parent file has a filename
>   *  Images displayed in the table and editor are higher quality
>   *  Use correct icon image when dragging a URL
>   *  Make sure that a copy/paste from the PDFViews will use the  
> data as selected, which may not be what's currently displayed
>   *  Opening files should be more efficient
>   *  Complex string performance improved
>   *  Custom character conversion is now usable for more characters
>   *  Fixed a plist bug that caused some problems with showing  
> metadata in the Finder
>   *  Full list of \label items can be displayed when using external  
> autocomplete for \ref commands
>   *  Ensure that documents are marked dirty properly after saving  
> while editing annote/abstract/rss and then continuing to edit
>   *  HTML was being converted only in URL fields when importing  
> RIS, due to an inverted test
>   *  HTML conversion is no longer applied to any of the RIS URL  
> fields (as defined by the RIS spec)
>   *  Improved help on autocomplete
>   *  Hacked around a problem that prevented TeXShop's OgreKit regex  
> search from working if our input manager was installed  
> (internationalized versions of TeXShop only)
>   *  Recent items list in the editor now draws files from the Apple  
> menu recent items, since Preview's recent items menu doesn't get  
> written to preferences until it quits
>   *  Dragging BibTeX/RIS into an editor from other applications  
> should work again
>   *  @comment blocks in BibTeX files are now preserved
>   *  Documents opened with temporary cite keys are now marked dirty  
> as appropriate
>   *  Fixed exception when generating cite keys in a document sorted/ 
> searched by cite key
>   *  -[BibItem hash] is now correct (safer) for a mutable object,  
> since it's added to hashing collections
>   *  Fix bug #1299305, don't cascade editor windows unless you have  
> more than one editor open
>   *  Fixed a bug that prevented removing the selected field in an  
> editor
>   *  Undoing the removal of a non-empty field now restores the  
> value as well, rather than annihilating it
>   *  Fixed an exception that could be triggered through undo/redo  
> of field removal
>   *  Dragging a large number of items from Reference Miner caused  
> BibDesk's memory usage to go through the roof; this has been fixed
>   *  Disabled plugin loading for all WebViews, since Adobe's PDF  
> viewing plugin apparently causes crashes
>   *  Type-ahead find now uses title as well as authors for  
> searching, and doesn't flash randomly all over the place
>   *  Type-ahead cache is now rebuilt only when the table is  
> reloaded, rather than at every keystroke
>   *  Made some warning dialogs in the editor less ambiguous  
> (hopefully)
>   *  Fix bug #1307284, deleting all authors from an item would  
> prevent proper display update
>   *  Cleaned up the versioning madness in the Info.plist, so it  
> conforms with Apple's current guidelines (mostly)
>   *  Fixed bug that prevented the document from being updated  
> properly when using Open With Filter
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