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Yann Ricard yann at virtual-egyptian-museum.org
Mon Oct 10 18:51:00 EDT 2005

On Oct 10, 2005, at 3:32 PM, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> That looks good! Could you tell us too why dvips comes to work when  
> you invoke pdfTeX? This should not happen, because pdfTeX is able  
> to compile a TeX file to a PDF output file. No dvips needed for  
> this ...

I can't explain it because I have no idea what I am doing ;-) I am  
totally out of my league...
Ah, when I think that I used to program in APL. Nothing should feel  
cryptic after APL...Oh, well..

Anyway, here I just call a "canned" shell script caled htx2tex

         htx2tex myfile.htx pdf

The htx2tex listing reads

  echo "This script processes htx-files through sesh, latex (and  
dvipdf). htx2tex is"
     echo "(c) 2004 Filip Vervloesem  
(filip.vervloesem at student.kuleuven.ac.be). More in-"
     echo "formation about how to use this script can be found at:"
     echo "http://www.student.kuleuven.ac.be/~m0318884/hierotexmac/ 
     echo ""
     echo "This script is written and tested on Mac OS X 10.3.4 using  
bash. The following"
     echo "applications need to be installed in order to function:  
sesh, latex, dvipdf,"
     echo "perl and some common utilities such as grep, sed and awk.  
It may or may not"
     echo "function on older versions of Mac OS X, in different  
shells or on other UNIX-"
     echo "based operating systems."
     echo ""
     echo "Usage: htx2tex [filename] [output-format] [clean-option]"
     echo "       filename: enter a valid filename ending in .htx"
     echo "       output-format: enter either dvi or pdf"
     echo "       clean-option: enter either clean or noclean"
     echo ""
     echo "e.g.  \"htx2tex ct80.htx pdf clean\" generates a pdf-file  
and removes all"
     echo "temporary files used by Latex (e.g. aux-, log-, and  
tocfiles to name a few)."
     echo ""
     echo "Note that only the first argument is required. Without a  
valid filename ending"
     echo "in .htx, the script won't run and prompt a usage reminder.  
If you do not enter"
     echo "any of the two valid options for the second and third  
argument, htx2tex will"
     echo "use the default ones, being dvi and noclean."
     echo ""
     echo "e.g.  \"htx2tex ct80.htx\" generates a dvi-file and  
doesn't remove any tempo-"
     echo "rary files, which is the same as \"htx2tex ct80.hts dvi  


# running the dvi-file through dvipdf (if specified)

case "$2" in
     dvi) echo "--> Output to $DVIFILE (`du -k $DVIFILE | awk '{print  
$1}'` kilobytes)"
     pdf) dvipdf $DVIFILE
     echo "--> Output to $PDFFILE (`du -k $PDFFILE | awk '{print  
$1}'` kilobytes)"
     *) echo "! --> No valid output-format given, defaults to dvi"
     echo "--> Output to $DVIFILE (`du -k $DVIFILE | awk '{print  
$1}'` kilobytes)"


My htx file looks like this







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