[OS X TeX] Help: Hieroglyphs and Font not Found

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Oct 11 05:01:45 EDT 2005

Am 11.10.2005 um 02:47 schrieb Yann Ricard:

> Note that I completely disregarded the warning that read:
>                     %   Don't change this file directly. Edit 
> texmf/web2c/updmap.cfg
>                     %   and run updmap to recreate this file.


you should take care of this warning! In case the Fink folks decide in 
the next ten or twenty years to distribute a new TeX, Fink might get 
problems to update a file that's not according to the standards. And if 
this file is simply overwritten you've lost again. If the file 
(psfonts_t1.map) does not get overwritten, it's contents will get 
updated, *lost* to be clear, by a run of updmap (or updmap-sys).

Even the eldest Mac OS X had locate. There is a script, 
/usr/libexec/locate.updatedb, which records the contents of all your 
system's volumes in a file called /var/db/locate.database, when invoked 
with root permissions. Afterwards you can invoke 'locate updmap.cfg' 
and 'locate hierofonts.map' and within a second all pathnames 
containing (somewhere) any of these strings are listed in Terminal (or 
Emacs' shell buffer). You too can locate the updmap script (another way 
to find this script would be simply 'which updmap', but then your PATH 
setting must be correct!). I think Apple described under the topic of 
'timed services' a way to automate the invocation of 
/usr/libexec/locate.updatedb to make it happen at night.

You edited psfonts_t1.map because the sym-link psfonts.map is pointing 
to it -- by some chance. You too have psfonts_pk.map and you too have 
the same file names with an extra 'download' and 'no-download' in the 
name. All these four MAP files are provided for a special behaviour of 
your TeX system. With t1 dvips uses the PostScript versions of Computer 
Modern fonts, so you need to install CM-Super, BaKoMa, or such. If you 
don't have these, then psfonts_pk.map would be dvips' right choice. Now 
it too can happen that you would like to publish the hieroglyphic paper 
in a journal. They might demand to include *all* PS fonts in the 
output. Then psfonts_t1_download.map would be the right MAP file for 

If you really want to do so much by hand, you should locate that 
updmap.cfg file and edit it. Afterwards you *must* run updmap that this 
addition is propagated into all MAP files, as used too by pdfTeX or 
dvipdfm. As Gerben Wierda wrote, who prepares and continuously updates 
a very complete package of a modern teTeX 3 and TeX Live 2005 (or less, 
i.e. elder) based TeX for Mac OS X that can be substituted for Fink's 
old TeX (as I have), the most correct way would be to simply invoke

	sudo updmap --enable MAP hierofonts.map
	sudo updmap --enable MAP diacrFonts.map

(Well, with TeX Live 2005 you would need to substitute updmap with 



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