[OS X TeX] Overfull \hbox errors

Damon Muller MacOSXTeX at damonam.ml1.net
Tue Oct 25 17:56:23 EDT 2005

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 20:05:06 +0200, "Maarten Sneep"
<maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl> said:
> Alternatively, you can figure out which word doesn't want to break  
> for you, and insert
> optional hyphens where you want a word to break (\-). Remember that  
> word that have
> a hyphen in them will not break any further.

Yes, this is what I was trying to do. But hyphens do not look right in
all words - especially short ones (which you'd hope LaTeX would be
better at wrapping anyway).

> > I think it's the apacite BibTeX style which is causing my problem -
> > specifically, when a paragraph starts with a reference citation it
> > doesn't seem to be very good at guessing how long the line should be,
> > and ends up jutting half a word out of the right margin. This makes my
> > beautiful thesis look a lot less beautiful!
> I don't know about that, although I've seen many weird things from  
> specific
> bibliographic styles. Can you post a specific entry as it appears in  
> the .bbl file
> (i.e. the output of bibtex, as included with the \thebibliography 
> {...} command).

I think I may have been premature to blame APACite - it's just that I
had two paragraphs in a row which didn't justify properly which both
began with in-text citations. However I also had problems in other
places without citations as well, so it probably wasn't (just) APACite.

And just to clarify, it wasn't in the bibliography that the problem was.
APACite does in-text citations, and a few lines which began with the
in-text citations were ones which didn't justify properly.

Anyway, it seems to have resolved itself now. I used the microtype
package to make the document a little prettier and either that, or a few
more iterations of pdflatex, seems to have sorted it out. Whilst there
were still a bunch of overfull \hbox errors, there wasn't anything that
you could actually notice looking at the right margin of the document.
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