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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Dec 29 18:10:05 EST 2006

Le 29 déc. 06 à 12:36, Thomas Weiss a écrit :

> (1) I would like to typeset my document using the lucida fonts.
> Reading this archive and others on this issue has left me somewhat
> confused.  I am aware of a detailed description by Bruno Voisin of
> August 6, 2005 on how to massage the old Y&Y fonts, which is based on
> a message by Gary Gray of March 26, 2002. But there are more recent
> messages that differ in some respects from these instructions.
> Before, I go further in trying to sort all this out, I was wondering
> if anyone could point me to a clear and recent set of directions on
> how to proceed?  Or, should I simply try the route proposed in the
> August 6, 2005 posting?

Some portions of the instructions should change, due to changes in  
the directory layout of gwTeX or due to changes in the Lucida font  
support in TeXLive, while other portions remain the same.

Trying to be as brief as possible:

- Conversion of the Y&Y fonts works the same as in my post of 6  
August 2005, for example:

	t1unmac -r LucidBri/rsrc lbr.pfb

and the name change is done according to the same table as in Gary  
Gray's post of 26 March 2002, namely:

	New     Old
	===     ===
	lbc     LucidCalIta
	lbd     LucidBriDem
	lbdsc   LucidBriSmaDem
	lbdi    LucidBriDemIta
	lbh     LucidHanIta
	lbi     LucidBriIta
	lbki    LucidCasIta
	lbkr    LucidCas
	lbl     LucidBla
	lbma    LucidNewMatArr
	lbme    LucidNewMatExt
	lbmi    LucidNewMatIta
	lbmo    LucidNewMatAltIta
	lbms    LucidNewMatSym
	lbmsd   LucidNewMatSymDem
	lbr     LucidBri
	lbrsc   LucidBriSma
	lbsl    LucidBriObl
	lbtb    LucidTypBol
	lbtbo   LucidTypBolObl
	lbto    LucidTypObl
	lbtr    LucidTyp
	lfd     LucidFaxDem
	lfdi    LucidFaxDemIta
	lfi     LucidFaxIta
	lfr     LucidFax
	lsb     LucidSanBol
	lsbi    LucidSanBolIta
	lsd     LucidSanDem
	lsdi    LucidSanDemIta
	lsi     LucidSanIta
	lsr     LucidSan
	lstb    LucidSanTypBol
	lstbo   LucidSanTypBolObl
	lsto    LucidSanTypObl
	lstr    LucidSanTyp
	lbmad   LucidNewMatArrDem
	lbmd    LucidNewMatDem
	lbmdi   LucidNewMatDemIta
	lbmdo   LucidNewMatAltDemIta
	lbmr    LucidNewMatRom

- Places where to put the fonts have changed a bit. If you want to  
use the fonts from your account only, then the same places should be  
used as in Gary's post, namely:

	In: ~/Library/texmf/fonts/type1/yandy/lubright

	In: ~/Library/texmf/fonts/type1/yandy/lucida

	In: ~/Library/texmf/fonts/type1/yandy/lucidfax

	In: ~/Library/texmf/fonts/type1/yandy/lucsans

	In: ~/Library/texmf/fonts/type1/yandy/lumath

If you want instead to use the fonts from all accounts on your Mac,  
you should replace, with the latest version of the TeXLive-based TeX  
i-Package, ~/Library/texmf by /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.local. This  
latter directory isn't directly visible from the Finder, and is owned  
by root, which means that you'll need to work from within Terminal  
(in /Applications/Utilities) and use command-line utilities such as  
mkdir (for creating directories), cd (for changing directories), mv  
(for moving or renaming files) and cp (for copying files), each of  
which prefaced by sudo. You can use the symbolic link (similar to an  
alias) /Library/TeX/Root for accessing /usr/local/gwTeX, and move  
files there using drag-and-drop in the Finder (you'll be asked to  
give an administrator password each time), but I don't think you can  
create directories this way.

- The LaTeX package lucidabr.sty is included already in gwTeX,  
inside /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.texlive/tex/latex/psnfssx/, hence  
nothing to do there.

- The font support files (namely AFM, TFM, VF and MAP files) have  
been removed from TeXLive. Hence you have to retrieve them from CTAN,  
for example at:


and then put them back at the appropriate places. Namely:

	doc files inside ~/Library/texmf/doc/fonts/bh/lucida
	AFM files inside ~/Library/texmf/fonts/afm/bh/lucida
	TFM files inside ~/Library/texmf/fonts/tfm/bh/lucida
	VF files inside ~/Library/texmf/fonts/vf/bh/lucida
	MAP file lucida.map inside ~/Library/texmf/fonts/map/dvips/lucida

or, as above, inside /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.local instead of ~/ 
Library/texmf. In that latter case, run "sudo texhash" after putting  
all the files into place.

- Update the map files for dvips, pdftex and dvipdfm, via updmap. I'm  
still a bit uncertain about how his should be done, but I think that  
if you put the files inside ~/Library/texmf then you should use:

     sudo updmap --enable Map lucida.map
     sudo updmap --enable Map lucidabr-o.map
     sudo updmap --enable Map lumath-o.map

and if you put the files inside /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.local you  
should use:

     sudo -H updmap-sys --enable Map lucida.map
     sudo -H updmap-sys --enable Map lucidabr-o.map
     sudo -H updmap-sys --enable Map lumath-o.map

The first file lucida.map references the fonts by their "LaTeX-style"  
names such as hlhr8r. The last two files lucidabr-o.map and lumath- 
o.map, included in gwTeX inside /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.texlive/fonts/ 
map/dvips/tetex, reference the fonts by their original Y&Y names such  
as lbr; they are especially useful if you used the fonts in Textures,  
which was set by default to use these original names.

Normally (finger-crossed) things should work afterwards.
> (2) The figures in the original paper were done with Illustrator 6
> with inclusion of mathematical expressions generated by Textures
> using lucida fonts.  The figures included in the text were eps
> files.  By including a statement to convert eps to pdf in the command
> file for the manuscript and typesetting with TeXShop/TeTeX, the  
> figures
> appeared and all the mathematical expressions were garbled.  This is
> not surprising since opening the figures in Illustrator 6 or CS2
> under Mac OS 10.4 garbles the expressions as well.  So does anyone
> have any advice on how to fix the figures.  I suppose I could just
> redo the expressions in the figures using LaTexIt, but is there a
> less labor intensive way?  By making appropriate changes in the
> lucida fonts, will Illustrator be able to read the expressions in the
> old figures?

Here I cannot help, I've never managed to solve the encoding problems  
associated with Illustrator. Hopefully one day with OpenType  
generalized all that font stuff should become transparent to the  
user. But we're not there yet!

Bruno Voisin
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