[OS X TeX] Questions about reinstalling fonts

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Dec 30 08:54:14 EST 2006

Le 28 déc. 06 à 14:33, André Bellaïche a écrit :

> Suppose that I have bought from Adobe the Sabon fonts, and that I  
> have installed them in teTeX, following the guidelines of the Font  
> Installing Guide, by Philip Lehman. The family name for these fonts  
> is psb.
> 1) The fonts and the auxiliary files have been put by fontinst in  
> various places of the texmf.local tree. What should I do if I want  
> to install TeXLive to replace teTeX ?

Place the fonts and files at the corresponding places within the  
texmf.local tree of TeXLive (now gwTeX, I think), then run "sudo  
texhash" (or "sudo mktexlsr", which is exactly the same) in order to  
make TeX aware of the addition.

> 2) Suppose I want to install the psb family on another mac. What  
> should I do ? Run fontinst another time ? But the guide told me to  
> throw to the basket all the files used by fontinst which were no  
> more useful. Transfer the Sabon/psb subtree of texmf.local to the  
> other mac ? The (virtual) psb subtree is so entangled with other  
> subtrees of texmf.local (as utopia) that this is practically  
> impossible. Or does it existe some Unix commands that makes the job  
> in one time ?

Not that I'm aware of. You need to transfer all the Sabon-related  
files from the original texmf.local tree manually to the  
corresponding places in the new texmf.local tree, then run texhash as  
above. Don't transfer the whole texmf.local tree: this is where TeX  
stores the formats that it builds, and a number of other  
configuration files that it generates; transferring these files from  
one Mac to another could only create problems (such as non-matching  
binaries -- such as tex, not inside texmf.local -- and format files  
-- such as plain.fmt, inside texmf.local).

> 3) I may also want to give the fonts to a colleague using MikTeX on  
> a PC.

I don't think the font license would allow this. You can transfer all  
the support files, but not the .pfb files which are the font itself  
and are not free.

> What I would like is the following:
>  - Put all the relevant files in a single directory. All  
> the .afm, .tfm, . vf, .fd and .pfb files have been already put in  
> one directory (I don't remember if I did it, or fontsint did it). I  
> have only to add the sabon.sty and the psb.map files.
> - Transfer this directory into the directory which contains some  
> xxx.tex file. Add in the preamble of xxx.tex the command \usepackage 
> {sabon} and work.
> I have tried this on my mac. The problem is that LaTeX does'nt  
> search inside the directories. I have tried texhash, but texhash  
> scans only a small number of predefined directories, not the whole  
> disk, and the texhash man page is rather puzzling.

TeX and related tools (such as dvips) may scan indeed the current  
directory for some files (such as .tex, .sty and .fd files), but I'm  
not sure that would work for all files (such as .tfm, .vf and .map  
files). You need to check, using kpsewhich.

Namely, try in Terminal (see section 3.5 of /usr/local/gwTeX/ 

	kpsewhich --show-path=.tex
	kpsewhich --show-path=.tfm
	kpsewhich --show-path=.vf
	kpsewhich --show-path=.map
	kpsewhich --show-path=.pfb

I just did: it seems the answer in all cases starts with ".", meaning  
the current directory (the one where the .tex file being typeset  
resides) is searched first for all these file types.

Some more research is required to determine exactly what may be going  

Bruno Voisin
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