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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Feb 23 10:20:55 EST 2006

Am 23.02.2006 um 14:36 schrieb Friedrich Vosberg:

> addendum:

You meant: correction?

> ls -lw prints the file name right ä-ö-...

So Mac OS X is using UTF-8 encoded file names here. The ls -l showed  
already that the umlauts were decomposed as <vowel> and ¨, and the  
COMBINING DIAERESIS at U+0308 is in UTF-8 CC 88, both cannot be  
displayed by ls.

The situation looks as if you're on an HFS+ volume, i.e. nothing's  
changed (and that's exactly like a good OS should behave: it  
'transparently' blends foreign structures into its own structure so  
that the user does not see a difference [already purpose of Sun's  
NFS, Network File System, 20 years ago]).

A problem can be ~ in the file name: they might invoke an MS-DOS  
mechanism on the Losedows side. It was introduced on its network part  
to abbreviate non-8.3 file names to something like file~.ma~ or such.

I have no idea why things should fail with TeX ... or are you using a  
different input encoding in the MS TeX files now? The file names get  
translated into MacRoman that TeX can handle them internally in its  
own encoding, not to help Mac OS X and HFS+.

For more help I need more and better and very precise input.

One possible test: copy a working and simple TeX from HFS+ onto the  
MS network volume and name it so that there is at least one umlaut.  
Now run TeX on it and see what names the LOG and AUX and maybe other  
files have. Look at these file names from at least two sides: Mac OS  
X and MS. The third view be in the TeX file

	\immediate\write18{ls -lw | iconv -f UTF-8-MAC -t MacRoman >  
	\immediate\write18{ls -lw | iconv -f UTF-8 -t MacRoman > Roman.lst}

Is there a difference in the LST files? Do files with umlauts in  
their names when created on Mac OS X look the same on the MS side?

How is it with XeTeX ...

Mit friedvollen Grüßen


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