[OS X TeX] Unwanted blank page

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 19:46:11 EST 2006

Bernhard Barkow wrote:

> I don't know how long your exercises are, but it seems the first one  
> at least is too long to fit on the page below the heading (Chapter  
> heading, I assume?), so it is placed on the following page to avoid  
> an overfull \vbox.

No, the blank page is not between the Chapter heading and the first 
exercise but between the begining of the file, that is below

    \noindent{\Large  \textsc{Math} \textbf{016}  HomeWork 01}



It has to do with the fact that \Chapter wants to start on a new odd 
page and I don't know how to defeat this. In fact, I would rather not 
because of Problem 2 and I did it because it is the only way I know of 
letting the Exercise be numbered according to the Chapter.

>> Problem 2. In the text book, where the exercises were, I now have:
>> \section{Exercises}
>> %\include{016-HomeWork_02}
>> %Reminder: When actually including, change project root in 016- 
>> HomeWork_02 to 016-Arithmetic.tex
>> To be handed out in class.
>> Because I am going to have 24 chapters, what I would like, of  
>> course, is code for changing mode without having to do all these  
>> changes manually—at the considerable risk of botching things. Using  
>> %!TEX root = ../Main.tex should make it doable but this way beyond  
>> my capability.
>> What made me think of this being feasible is the responses I got on  
>> this list about "How to comment out includegraphics?"
> So you want to compile two versions, one with the examples and one  
> without?


> I'd suggest to write a new macro,
> \newcommand{myInclude}[1]{\include{#1}}
> for the version including exercises, changing it to
> \newcommand{myInclude}[1]{}
> for one without exercises (I didn't try that, it's just an idea, it  
> might be that one runs into problems this way; one could probably  
> also do it more elegantly using an \if construct).

Yes, that seems already a lot better than what I have. I will try. But 
the code that made me think about it was

    \pdffalse % we are not running PDFLaTeX
    \pdfoutput=1 % we are running PDFLaTeX

The point there was to be able to run the book on both my Mac and the 
school Wintel. In fact, though, the few times  I tried to run the book 
at school, I used just


because I had decided that there was no point to moving all the graphics 
files to the school. I thought about combining the two but, again, this 
is beyond me.

Which brings one last question:
The above looks like it was written in LaTeX but it is like nothing I 
have seen before. Where can I learn about it?

Grateful regards and Best Wishes for the New Year

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